15 sakura were landed in Obolon, which will help purchase equipment for the soldiers of the “AZOV” regiment from the National Guard


The new project of the “Victory Park” MBF and the “Kyivzelenbud” KO will beautify the capital and help the military regiment “AZOV” from the National Guard.

Fifteen fragile and beautiful sakura trees planted on Obolon should burst into flowers in the coming days. Each tree reminds ordinary people of spring and peaceful times. But the military has other references. The fiercest battles on “Azovstal” fell just at the time of cherry blossoms. Rescuers, green builders and people of Azov planted 15 cherry blossoms.

All this beauty and pain was united by the future new square.

The project of the “Park Peremogy” MBF and the “Kyivzelenbud” cooperative was surprisingly harmonious.

Defenders of Mariupol, acting deputy brigade commander Serhii “Molfar” Tsysaruk, as well as paramedic Asan “Hasan” Isenadzhiev, planted trees in the park on the recently renamed Heroes’ Street of the “Azov” Regiment in the Obolon District

Each tree is also planted in order to activate the collection, open for 15 sets of equipment. Each of them contains a PVS-14 night vision monocular and a DBAL-A2 laser sighting device.

Professional high-tech equipment will give our defenders a significant advantage on the battlefield. This equipment has been repeatedly tested in the most difficult conditions and has proven itself in the best way.

By the way, the residents of Azov were helped to plant cherry blossoms by the capital’s rescuers from the 25th State Fire and Rescue Unit, next to which the square is located.

The new square will soon bloom with pink flowers.

To draw attention to the trees, blue and yellow ribbons are tied on them. On two tapes, Hasan wrote the names of the medics who died at Azovstal, with whom he saved the wounded side by side: Davyd “Fort” Forti and Yulia “Sirena” Zubchenko. In this way, he dedicated both today’s event and the planted trees to his friends.

As a reminder, the “Victory Park” IBF is an initiative of Ukrainians that allows everyone to plant their personal tree in parks and squares dedicated to the future Victory. The fund enlisted the support of the “Kyivzelenbud” association to plant trees in Kyiv.

Each tree is planted with notes about the donors who donated to the collection. To do this, you can enter your data in the comment in the “Add an inscription on the plaque” window and leave a memory of yourself in the capital’s square on the street of Heroes of the Azov Regiment.

From now on, 15 carved sakura trees in the new park named after the Heroes of the “AZOV” regiment will support the memory of the Heroes and help soldiers get the necessary equipment.

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