6-year-old girl, father of 4 children, student: what is known about people killed by Russians in Chernihiv


On August 19, the Russian invaders fired at drama theater in Chernihiv, taking 7 lives and wounding 148 people.

The rocket that hit the center of Chernigov killed 6-year-old Sofiyka, the long-awaited daughter of Olga and Oleksandr Golinsky, who was supposed to go to first grade.

About the death of a child reported a friend of the family, Kateryna Farafonova.

“Today in Chernihiv, the only long-awaited daughter of my godmother, little Sofiyka, died at the hands of the nedasasedov. Now Sofiyka is a guardian angel for her parents.

Rest on soft clouds, our little Sofiyka, you were a very kind, intelligent and clever girl, you were a decoration of this cruel world.” – the post says.

6-year-old Sofiyka died as a result of shelling in Chernigov

The woman also posted details to help the girl’s parents in a Facebook post.

She was a long-awaited only child

On the crime of the Russians reacted Darya Gerasimchuk, Commissioner for Children’s Rights.

“The girl was her parents’ only and long-awaited child. In just two weeks, she was supposed to go to the first grade…According to relatives and acquaintances, Sofiyka drew very well, was always smiling, smart, loved to hug and often said that she loved

We will never forget and never forgive the inhumans who bring these tragedies to our homes!” – writes Gerasimchuk.

Lawyer Volodymyr Vasylenko died in Chernihiv

The Russian shelling of Chernihiv also took the life of the lawyer Volodymyr Vasylenko, who cooperated with the Right to Defense Foundation.

“A colleague with whom I used to work died today. The father of four children, a loving husband and a decent person. We had many mutual acquaintances with him!

I also found out that my groupmate’s child died … how many losses … pain”wrote Kateryna Dankova from Chernihiv.

Volodymyr was the father of 4 children. The son, who was next to his father during the shooting, is now in the hospital.

You can help the wife of the deceased in these ways props.

Also, a Russian missile killed two teachers and a student of the Chernihiv Polytechnic

Among those killed by the Russians in Chernihiv were two teachers and a student of the Chernihiv Polytechnic, also reported Anna Romanova from Chernihiv.

One of the dead is Nazar Yushchenko, a student of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Technologies and Transport. The boy was successful in his studies, he was the only child in the family.

A total of seven people died from shelling of Chernigov

Also, during a walk in the park with her daughter, Svitlana Kormiltsyna, a senior teacher of the department of foreign philology, died.

And Natalia Toriya, an employee of the Directorate of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Architecture, Design and Geodesy, was returning from church at the time of the terrorist attack – a Russian rocket took her life.

148 people were injured

We will remind, on August 19, the Russian Federation inflicted missile strike at the drama theater in the center of Chernihiv, when it was held there the takeoff of drone manufacturers.

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