A collection of Zelensky’s speeches will be published in Poland


On the anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the publishing house “Agora” (Wydawnictwo Agora) will publish a collection of Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s speeches in recent months, “Message from Ukraine” (“Przesłanie z Ukrainy”). About this reported on the website of the publishing house.

“This is a collection of Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s most powerful speeches during the war, to which he wrote the introduction. This is a story about Ukraine from the words of its president, about a country that courageously defends itself against Russian aggression. It is also the story of a nation that leads the world in the fight for democracy. First of all, it is a battle cry to fight for freedom addressed to the world. If not now, then when?” – they write on the website of the publishing house.

The edition of speeches contains 144 pages. The foreword to the collection was written by Volodymyr Zelenskyi himself. The book contains 18 speeches, starting in 2019, which Zelensky personally selected. The publication also included a speech by Olena Zelenska. The book also contains a foreword by Arkady Ostrovsky, editor of The Economist in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The speeches were translated into Polish by Jerzy Volk-Lanevsky.

The book was first published by Penguin Random House. It has obtained rights to publish the book worldwide, including in the US (Crown), Germany (Siedler Verlag), Spain (Debate), Portugal (Vogais), etc. Poland is among these countries.

“Supporting Ukraine is not a trend, a meme or an Internet challenge. This is not a fad that should spread like wildfire around the world and disappear just as quickly. If you want to understand where we come from, what we want and where we are going, you need to know more about who we are. This book will help with that. Above all, this book will help you hear our message to the world: that we are a free and independent nation and that we will not stop fighting until the last Russian force leaves our territory.” Zelensky notes in the preface.

You can get a book buy for 29 zlotys (247 UAH). All proceeds from the sale will go to support United24 — a fundraising platform in support of Ukraine.

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