A group of agents of foreign influence has been exposed. The National Bureau of Journalistic Investigations published materials – politicians, businessmen, mass media act in the interests of the aggressor.


At the end of 2021, an international team of journalists from the National Bureau of Investigative Journalism published shocking research materials about a group of agents of foreign influence who traded state interests in combination with receiving billions in earnings in many areas of the Ukrainian economy.

Thus, according to the investigation, the group of agents of foreign influence includes well-known Ukrainian politicians, civil servants and businessmen:

Viktor Volodymyrovych Medvedchuk – the leader of the OPZZH political party, the best man of the President of the Russian Federation, suspected of treason and probably involved in the operation to annex Crimea;

Sergey Glazyev – advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and an active participant in operations on the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea;

Konstantin Zatulin – a staff Russian intelligence officer, an active participant in the “Crimean operation”;

Yulia Timoshenko – head of the all-Ukrainian political party “Batkivshchyna”;

Serhiy Korovchenko – former head of the main administration of justice of the ARC, a well-known functionary of the “Batkivshchyna” party, an interested participant in the “Crimean operation”;

Vasyl Filipchuk – listed in the “Peacemaker” database as a “suspect of high treason”, a probable co-author of the plan for a peaceful settlement of the consequences of the annexation of Crimea;

Vladyslav Molchanov – Ukrainian entrepreneur, nominal owner of the “criminal” business of a group of agents of foreign influence.

The materials of the international investigation documentally confirm the facts of the cooperation of the above-mentioned persons to exercise political influence in the interests of the Russian Federation, with the involvement of controlled enterprises, mass media, etc. Organization of joint business activities and commission of a number of serious crimes on the territory of Ukraine.

Journalists-investigators claim that the group of agents of foreign influence is built according to the vertical principle of subordination with a clear division of roles on the territory of the Russian Federation and Ukraine:

  • “Since the beginning of 2014, S. Glazyev and K. Zatulin have been curators of the group from the Russian Federation;
  • General control over the group’s activities on the territory of Ukraine is carried out by V. Medvedchuk;
  • Executors of the will of the curators are: Serhii Korovchenko, Vasyl Filipchuk and Vladyslava Molchanova;
  • The main geopolitical task of the group is to return Ukraine to the sphere of influence of the Russian Federation.”

According to the materials of the investigation, it is possible to conclude that the financing of the illegal activities of the above-mentioned persons is carried out with the help of commercial structures registered in Ukraine, which specialize in construction and are united in the so-called “Stolytsia Group of Companies”. Yes, the same group that has repeatedly become the object of journalistic investigations, a number of criminal cases, regarding the raiding of the “Stolichny” market, fraud with the lands of the “Pushka-Vodytsia” Agricultural Combine, and others.

It is assumed that the direct management of the group of enterprises is carried out by Vladyslav Molchanov. A person who performs a nominal function, but actually represents the interests of the final beneficiaries – the above-mentioned agents of foreign influence.

In addition, according to the data of the international journalistic investigation, the pool of enterprises includes mass media known throughout Ukraine, such as: “Tonis”, “Apostrophe”, “Apostrophe – TV”, which are actually under the control of Ms. Molchanova, and accordingly form public opinion according to its technical task.

Therefore, international journalists and investigators claim that during the acute phase of Russian aggression, regardless of the NSDC sanctions, a team of agents of foreign influence continues its criminal activities on the territory of Ukraine, which includes: sanctioned political persons, participants in the operation for the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea, persons involved in a number of criminal proceedings, enterprises of the real sector of the economy, all-Ukrainian mass media.

According to our foreign colleagues, the mentioned structure has all the signs of an oligarchic one, as it has financial, political and media influence. Its activities pose a potential danger to the interests of Ukraine, due to the participation of persons involved in the annexation of Crimea, who must be checked by the forces of law enforcement agencies and the temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to investigate the facts that contributed to the temporary occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

We suggest that everyone who reads it draw conclusions based on the materials of the article and answer three simple questions:

1. Are there enough materials published in the investigation of the International Bureau of Investigative Journalism to carry out a check on them?




2. Does the nominal owner of the “Stolytsia Group of Companies” and a number of all-Ukrainian mass media, its relatives and business partners not fall under the criteria of “Oligarch”, voiced by Mr. Malyuska in the publication? https://mind.ua/news/20235796-oligarhi-mayut-tri-misyaci-shchob-pozbutisya-aktiviv-chi-posadi-malyuska

3. Is the information published by investigative journalists enough for the forces of the NSDC of Ukraine to respond? Of course, if its authenticity is confirmed by law enforcement agencies.

Author: human rights defender Kostyantyn Kryvopust

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