A large-scale “Aeneid” is presented at the Kyiv Puppet Theater


This is the theater’s first major premiere since the start of the full-scale invasion and possibly the largest production in its history.

On March 25, the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater will present a performance based on the poem “Aeneid” by Ivan Kotlyarevsky.

What is the play about?

To be a hero, one had only to be born a favorite of the gods. The hero’s path is, first of all, the path to oneself. Through trials and temptations, a real hero must realize himself and make his own choices. Free.

No matter how many years the story of Aeneas and his brothers from Troy has been retold, it always feels modern. Especially now, when everyone in the country goes their own way to liberation, this story begins to play with new shades, confident in the theater.

Director Dmytro Drapikovsky. Photo: Facebook page of Dmytro Drapikovsky

“This performance is a new and interesting challenge for me. I didn’t want to repeat the traditional course of productions according to Kotlyarevsky — harem pants and herrings. That is why we added an epic scale to this performance, which reminds us of the original source – Virgil’s “Aeneid”, – said the director Dmytro Drapikovsky. — The important word remains with Kotlyarevsky, so the production has enough comedic moments and characters. However, several serious dramatic works are also waiting for the viewer. It was important for me not only to tell this story, but also to emphasize its relevance in the context of the most recent history of Ukraine.”

Tragic, majestic and attractive Dido. Photo: Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater

Features of the production

The production involves 25 actors, more than 40 masks and puppets, including huge puppets controlled by several people. Spectators will be able to appreciate stage battles and exquisite artistic solutions, as well as hear original music created especially for this production.

According to the director of KATL and the artistic director of the production, Igor Guly, this is the first major premiere of the theater since the beginning of the full-scale invasion and, perhaps, the largest production in its entire history.

Director of the theater Ihor Guly. Photo: FB page of Igor Guly

“Acting, music, costumes, scenery, scenography – sometimes the action takes place literally throughout the auditorium, and not only on the stage. I am sure that this play will not leave the audience indifferent,” the director of the theater and artistic director of the production is confident Ihor Guly.

All costumes and scenery were designed by the chief artist of KATL, Mykola Danko. The stage adaptation of the work was made by playwright and comedian Vesta Gunchenko. The stage fight was staged by the honored artist Yuriy Starostin.

The performance was financed from the Stabilization Fund, an initiative to support cultural and educational organizations affected by the war against Ukraine.

When: March 25 at 3:00 p.m., April 7 at 5:00 p.m. and April 25 at 3:00 p.m.
Where: Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater, st. Hrushevskyi, 1-A, big stage
Ticket price: 150-250 UAH.

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Maria Kataeva

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