A memory of the future: the famous Ukrainian director presents a new documentary film


Semyon Horov’s short documentary film shows short stories of artists and their work in their hometowns during the war.

The events of the film take place in “war-kissed” cities, in particular in Kharkiv, Odesa, Vorzel and Irpen, where the heroes of the film do not stop either dreaming or carrying out their artistic missions in the name of the future. Each individual pain and each memory of the future merges into a common collective reflection, where yesterday is mixed with the dreams and hopes of tomorrow.

“They say that every trial contains a gift. The main thing not see through it and accept it. War destroys life and art, but in these torments new art, new life is born! , – says Semyon Horov. – This film is dedicated to the heroic people of Ukraine. Everyone here is like a living antenna. You begin to catch the signal that will lead you out of this horrible dream and into the light. You are looking for its spark inside yourself. After all, it is scary not to die, it is scary not to try to live. We cannot lose, we must win!”.

The author claims that the goal of the project is to help creative individuals who, by their own examples, demonstrate their heroic resistance to all trials, inspiring many Ukrainians not to give up and believe in a better future.

The film directed by Semyon Horov was inspired by the musical work of the same name by the outstanding Ukrainian composer, hero of Ukraine Ihor Poklad, who also became one of the heroes of the film. Together with his wife, he spent two weeks without light, food and water in the basement of his house in occupied Worzel, and at that time there were 7 enemy Russian tanks in his yard.

The outstanding modern composer Ihor Poklad survived the occupation of his native city. Photo provided by the project organizers

Also, the heroes of the tape became: Denys Lipatnikov, Natalya Moiseyeva (Odesa), Lana Matvienko, Maria Chiknaverova, Yulia Chursina (Kharkiv) and Yaroslav Kaynar (Irpin).

Since the beginning of the war, these artists have not left their cities, because they believe that this is how they carry out their own resistance. “If everyone goes, then who needs such a city?”– says choreographer Lana Matvienko.

Dancer Natalya from Odesa, despite the difficult situation in the city, puts on a performance. Denys volunteers and choreographs.

“In the midst of the terrible consequences of the attempts to destroy the peaceful cities of our country by the eastern neighbor, in the ruins of Kharkiv, Odessa, Kyiv and other of our most beautiful cities, shoots of life are sprouting in the embodiment of indomitable creators. Mutilated and unconquered. Their vulnerable craft—dance, music, painting, poetry—gives life and faith to themselves and the world around them despite any adversity. We get to know the heroes in moments of trial by war and are inspired by the powerful force of the inner filling of the Ukrainian nation — its culture.” – says the co-author of the script, Marusia Lymanska.

The film was shot by the independent film company Gorov Studio, the creative team of the film aims to participate in international festivals. In the tape, the composition “Memories” by Ihor Poklad is performed by the NAONI orchestra.

Synopsis: Ihor Poklad, a pensive, gray-haired maestro, sits in a wicker chair on the veranda of his estate. He recalls the recent events of the Russian occupation of Worzel, when he and his wife were forced to hide in the basement of their homestead for several weeks without water or electricity.

Episodes are gradually woven into the plot, in which the viewer gets to know a few more characters. These are Ukrainian artists who did not leave their hometowns, risking their lives in the artistic resistance to the enemy’s invasion. Experiences and emotions of artists are expressed plastically. These choreographic confessions-reflections are accompanied by a melody that the maestro wrote long before the tragic events in Ukraine many years ago – “Memory”.

Against the background of devastation and death, a beautiful young man who came to the ruins of Irpen, a fragile girl who did not give up hope for peace and goodness, and other artists give life to a beautiful young man who, with their dance, gives new life to Ukraine mutilated by the enemy.

All the lines form a single reflection, where pictures of the underground with ordinary people break through with flashes.


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