A modern rehabilitation center for children and persons with disabilities is being created from the old ZhEK in Kyiv


Up to 600 people can receive social services from 117 specialists per day.

In the Podilsky District, a building is being reconstructed, in which the Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Provision of Social Services for Children and Persons with Disabilities will soon be operational.

Today, Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko checked how the work on the creation of the Center is progressing. They started even before the full-scale invasion of Russia. With the aggravation of the war, the reconstruction was suspended for a while, and was activated a few months ago.

The two-story building of the former ZHEK was rebuilt into a spacious four-story building. The works are already at the final stage. In addition to building structures, all engineering systems and communications are laid here, an elevator is installed, lighting is brought in, and a shelter is equipped.

According to Vitaliy Klychko, repair works in the building are at the final stage. The center will be commissioned this year. The mayor also emphasized that the building is equipped according to all European standards.

“The need for the operation of Centers for complex rehabilitation and the provision of social services for children and persons with disabilities is only growing. In 2022, the largest increase in the last 10 years took place, which is directly related to military aggression,” noted Vitaliy Klitschko.

He emphasized that at the beginning of this year, more than 12,500 children with disabilities under the age of 18 were registered in Kyiv, which is 650 more children than in the same period last year. Among the causes of disability, mental and behavioral disorders take the first place, congenital malformations take the second place, and diseases of the nervous system take the third place.

In the Center, highly qualified specialists will provide free rehabilitation and social services for children with disabilities from infants to 18 years of age and, most importantly, for persons with disabilities from 18 to 35 years of age.

“Not only residents of the Podilsky district, but also from other districts of the capital will be able to receive services at the Center,” the mayor of Kyiv emphasized.

According to the words Maryna Honda, deputy head of the KMDAthe rehabilitation center will work according to European standards and norms, embodying the best practices in working with children and young people aged 0 to 35 years.

The premises are planned so that children and young people of different age groups do not cross each other. Up to 600 people can receive social services from 117 specialists per day.

“A special centralized air conditioning system has already been installed, which is configured for each floor and ensures a constant, uniform temperature in the premises. The Center also provides a modern video surveillance system: cameras will record the work of specialists and children’s reactions,” Marina Honda explained.

Early rehabilitation (habilitation) departments will work in the Center; social rehabilitation (habilitation); psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation; physical rehabilitation; professional and labor rehabilitation/occupational therapy (labor workshops); medical rehabilitation and medical observation; day care; social patronage service.

Marina Honda reminded that there is one such Center in Kyiv, the city center, and it is currently overloaded.

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