A pilot project on the social rehabilitation of veterans is being launched in Poltava Oblast


For the first time in Ukraine, a new form of support for defenders is being launched as a pilot project – social rehabilitation and further support in communities.

People’s deputy from Poltava Oblast, head of the “Trust” parliamentary group Oleg Kulinich announced this on his Facebook page.

“As the beginning of this process of social recovery, we see the provision of 10-day health vouchers to persons with disabilities as a result of the war, as well as their families, to “Myrhorod Kurort”. But the key thing at the moment is that the military receives more than just tickets to the sanatorium. A whole system of services and comprehensive support is provided here. These are psychological and social support services, clarification on state and regional social guarantees, and after the completion of the course, individual social support of each family of our veterans will be continued in the territorial community,” said the deputy.

Currently, according to his information, at the next session of the Poltava Regional Council, the project of the Comprehensive Program for the Rehabilitation, Integration and Social Protection of the Defenders of Ukraine, members of the families of the victims of the Poltava Region for 2023-2025 will be considered, where it is planned to allocate funds for the first 250 veterans and their family members.

The deputy added that the communities are ready to take on obligations for the further support of veterans, which is stipulated, including in the signed memorandum between the Zinkiv city territorial community, the Myrhorod city territorial community and the Reshetyliv city council. He expressed hope that other communities of Poltava region will also join in solving this social issue as soon as possible.

“In the future, we are definitely considering attracting state funds, community funds, and grant funding under this program. For example, it would be extremely important to attract such grant funding for staff training, including taking into account international experience. In particular, we will need psychologists who will work specifically with PTSD, specialized lawyers who could solve numerous problems of the military, etc., – summarized Oleg Kulinich.

As the head of the “Trust” parliamentary group reported, the appropriate legal framework is currently being prepared in cooperation with the ministries, which includes a draft resolution of the CMU and a draft joint order of the Ministry of Social Policy and the Ministry of Defense.

“In fact, the social rehabilitation service is an innovation that needs legislative approval, and only now, in this pilot project, will it work in practice,” the deputy said.

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