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Believe it or not, my boss told me this recipe. Because when I came to work, I always had a tired face and was always dissatisfied with everything. He could not stand it and called me into his office. He prepared coffee for me himself, after which I flew around all day, so I also had time to process a lot of things at home. After that, I took the recipe from him and always prepare coffee only this way. After a cup of such a drink, the world becomes brighter and much livelier. And if you have to do a lot of things on the day off, and you can’t get everything together – drink a cup Warsaw-style coffee by the evening you will have everything ready.

Ingredients for making Warsaw-style coffee:

  1. Coffee, ground for brewing in a Turk – 1 teaspoon
  2. Fresh milk – 300 ml
  3. Sugar sand – 1 teaspoon (or to your taste, who likes it)
  4. Ground cinnamon – on the tip of a knife
  5. Vanilla sugar – on the tip of a knife, but no less than cinnamon


  1. Turk
  2. Gas stove
  3. Measuring glass
  4. Table spoon
  5. Coffee cup

Making coffee the Warsaw way.

Step 1: Brew coffee.

I drink such coffee without adding sugar, as the milk is quite sweet. But if you like it as sweet as possible, then pour sugar, ground cinnamon and a little vanilla sugar into fresh milk.

We pour all this into a Turk and put it on medium heat, bring to a boil so that foam rises. You can carefully spoon it into a coffee cup or just throw it away if you don’t like it.

Next, remove from the heat and pour a little coffee into the Turk, stirring constantly. We put coffee with milk on the fire and wait until the foam begins to rise, then put it aside and let the foam settle. We mix. We put it on medium heat again and let the cap of foam rise again to the edges of the Turk. Remove and pour into coffee cups.

Step 2: We serve coffee in the Warsaw style.

This type of brewed coffee is best consumed in the morning, it will give you energy for the whole day, you will be full of vigor and confidence. You can decorate it with a cinnamon stick or a few coffee beans placed at the base of the cup on a plate.

Have a nice time!


— Try to give such coffee to people who do not drink it with milk, but do not warn in advance, believe me, they will not distinguish the difference. But they will definitely ask to prepare another such coffee.

— Coffee will be even tastier and more useful if it is brewed on the basis of homemade whole milk. It must be fresh so that the product does not curdle during heat treatment.

— If you don’t have a turkey among the dishes in your kitchen, then you can still perform the same manipulations in a saucepan or a small saucepan. The taste and aroma of coffee will not suffer from this.

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