A small Ukrainian became an Internet star by showing his advertisement for meat, anchovies and sausage


5-year-old Matvii became a star of the network thanks to a cool advertising of products for Easter. Parents say that their son gives out such “pearls” often.

So, for example, in the Cherkasy region lives an ordinary hardworking family that keeps a large farm in the village. These people are not interested in entertainment on the Internet, but everything was changed by their 5-year-old son Matvii, who with childlike directness told the camera how to properly prepare for Easter.

The video, which was just released on TikTok, where Matviyko urges to properly prepare for Easter and buy “meat and sausage” for the holiday, quickly became viral. What’s more, the video with the child has already gained more than 10 million views.

The parents say that they managed to shoot the video, which became famous so quickly, by accident.

“We were planting a vegetable garden here, we trample it, and it runs, causes damage, and I say, better go and say to the camera, ‘Paska is coming soon, we need to buy up,’ and he has already improvised,” Dad recalls the moment of the birth of the popular video.

In the video, the boy says: “It will be Easter soon, so order meat, sausage, anchovies, and chicken. Everything that is homemade – order it.”

Shy and hardworking Matviyko is not the first time to give out such “pearls” – he constantly comes up with some interesting phrases, say his parents. A child invents such “pearls” as a child.

“We were repairing the car. And he says: “Do you know why we repair? Because dad drove by like an Uzbek Ishaka,” says the boy’s father.

The boy is not afraid to appear in the video, because his father, a farmer, Volodymyr, runs his YouTube channel on how to plant vegetables, make sausage and meat. The blog also talks about repairing equipment and making cheese.

The child’s mother says: they knew that their son was talented, but were surprised that this video “broke” the network so much.

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