A Twitter glitch is telling users they’ve exceeded their daily tweet limit


Some Twitter users were unable to post tweets on Wednesday due to technical issues with the website.

Account owners received a message saying “You have exceeded your daily tweet limit.”

Outage tracking website DownDetector reported the outage shortly before 22:00 GMT.

Elon Musk has cut Twitter’s workforce in the past few months since he bought the platform last October for $44bn (£36.5bn).

The Tesla and SpaceX boss said last month that Twitter has about 2,300 employees, down from about 8,000 when he took over.

Experts have warned for months that such deep cuts could cause technical problems, although it is not yet clear whether staff cuts were the cause of Wednesday’s outage.

It appears that part of the crash was soon fixed and many users reported being able to tweet.

Some reported receiving notifications from Twitter saying they had exceeded their 2,400 tweets per day limit, even though they had not posted on Wednesday.

Account owners have also reported issues with messages on Twitter. Several users have reported that they cannot access TweetDeck, a dashboard that can be used with Twitter.

It is not yet known how many people were injured.

“Twitter may not be working as expected for some of you. Sorry for the trouble. We are aware of this and are working to fix it,” said Twitter.

In recent weeks, many users have complained of errors when using Twitter, including some who claimed they could increase the reach of their tweets if they locked down their accounts.

Tech news website The Information reported that Mr. Musk told Twitter employees to pause development of new features “in favor of maximum system stability and reliability, especially with the Super Bowl approaching.”

Twitter also announced that users of its $8-a-month subscription service in the US can now post longer tweets.

Twitter Blue subscribers can now post up to 4,000 characters, significantly exceeding the 280 character limit imposed on non-paying users.

“But don’t worry, Twitter is still Twitter,” the company said in a lengthy tweet announcing the feature.

Meanwhile, DownDetector also reported an outage on YouTube, which at its peak affected approximately 65,000 users.

YouTube, which is owned by Google parent Alphabet, said in a tweet that it was investigating reports that the website’s homepage was “not working for some of you”.

“We are looking into this…so sorry if you are going through this,” they wrote.

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