A unique operation was conducted in Kyiv to save a girl injured during the shelling of a high-rise building


The centimeter fragment passed through the entire left hemisphere of the brain and stopped in the occipital part…

The Ministry of Health told an incredible story about how 25-year-old Iryna survived a rocket attack in Uman. Doctors say it’s a miracle.

On April 28, when terrorists hit a high-rise building in Uman with a rocket, Iryna and her mother were sleeping at home. They were in a neighboring house from where the rocket hit. But even a shard was enough to put the girl on the edge of life and death.

Ira’s mother says that she did not hear the alarm. She woke up from a loud sound in her apartment and at first she could not understand where she was, because the explosive wave gutted everything around her. The woman immediately rushed to her daughter to run outside, but she replied that she could not feel her right leg and arm. Only then did Ira’s mother see that the pillow on which the girl was sleeping was soaked in blood.

“Ambulance” doctors diagnosed a gunshot wound to the brain. A shard ricocheted off the wall and hit the girl. Iryna was quickly taken to Kyiv, to the 17th hospital, which has been specializing in severe head injuries since the days of the Maidan.

The centimeter fragment passed through the entire left hemisphere of the brain and stopped at the back of the girl’s head. Doctors say that there was less than half a centimeter left to the venous vessel – then death was inevitable.

The neurosurgeons who operated on the girl admit that the fact that she survived is a real miracle. And about the fact that she was conscious and could talk, it’s okay to talk.

The surgeons could only find the fragment under an operating X-ray and removed it with the help of a special magnet. Experience in operating on this type of gunshot wound helped.

Now Iryna’s life is not in danger. The girl is recovering, is conscious and is talking, although the right side of her body still does not listen well. Doctors say: it takes time.

Iryna dreams of how she will return to studying at the university and her usual life. And doctors will help her realize this dream.

Also in Dnipro, an extremely complicated operation was performed – they removed the bullet and fragments of the occipital bone from the head of the wounded soldier.

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