A Unique Profession Paying Over $150,000 (Part 2)


In the first part of the publication, we revealed to you the essence of changes in the global labor market, characterized professions according to the level of their relevance https://ua2day.net/2022/02/05/unikalna-profesiya-z-oplatoyu-ponad-150000-chastyna-1/ .

Indeed, general market trends focus us on the medical, IT, and VR sectors as promising, high-paying, relevant in the context of the development of modern technologies.

However, the only goal of the development of new technologies, which change the conjuncture of the labor market today, should be a harmonious combination of technology and everyday life in the interests of the person, as the main beneficiary.

And in this context, it is especially important not to lose and protect natural, traditional communication between people. Communication that is built on historical foundations, religious and principled principles, because only such communication can prevent thousands of risks in the future, and ensure full understanding.

The absence of the possibility of such a dialogue, or an attempt to transform it in the legal or digital plane, will have the following consequences:

  1. Loss of mental peace;
  2. Personal conflict;
  3. Corporate conflict;
  4. Availability of debts;
  5. Additional expenses;
  6. Criminal record

Yes, it is precisely in this sequence that the consequences of the loss of natural communication between people are formed, regardless of the pace of development of any technologies.

Characterizing each of the above consequences, it should be noted that the loss of peace of mind is connected with the emergence of a problem, personal or corporate – dispute, claim, debt obligations, personal resentment, etc. Problems that cannot be solved with the help of social networks, virtual or augmented reality, the latest and most popular trainings or lectures by “opinion leaders”.

Having realized this, we try to use other methods of ensuring peace of mind – we involve lawyers, financiers, managers who agree on the budget with us, and send a weekly report on its use.

However, in fact, they confuse us with one phrase – “we are not God – the judge made a decision not in our favor, thank you for your money.”

After such “cooperation”, being in despair, we are once again looking for options for obtaining peace of mind – we turn to fraudsters with a “dark” past, who repeatedly increase our expenses and, in fact, the risk of bringing us to criminal liability, as an accomplice in their actions, increases many times.

A hopeless situation – there is no peace, the problem is not solved, which in the general sense is the result of the loss of communication between people.

There is a way out.

Follow the continuation of publications.

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