A Unique Profession Paying Over $150,000 (Part 3)


We devoted the previous two parts of the publication to revealing the reasons for changes in the global labor market. Considerable attention was paid to the impact of technology on the traditional human way of life. Reasonably focused attention on the negative results of such influence, which are expressed in the loss of communication skills and, accordingly, the emergence of inevitable conflicts in society.

However, although the proven trend is threatening, everything is not as bad as it might seem at first glance. Since, precisely because of the above-mentioned prerequisites, an absolutely new, to a certain extent, innovative profession arose – “Troubleshooter”.

According to the data of the international dictionary “Merriam – webster” (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/troubleshooter#:~:text=Definition%20of%20troubleshooter,or%20anticipating%20problems%20or%20difficulties) – “Troubleshooter” it:

  • an expert in resolving diplomatic or political disputes;
  • a mediator in disputes that have reached an impasse;
  • a person who can solve or anticipate problems or difficulties.

So, this is a person who, on a professional basis, guided by his own life experience, connections and reputation, is able to predict and solve a problem of any complexity. The most interesting thing is that in their work, such specialists focus exclusively on the problem, apply a creative approach, without the involvement of state institutions, and provide the customer with the desired result – quickly, qualitatively, and exclusively confidentially.

So far, such specialists on the labor market can be counted on the fingers, but world publications are already writing about them. Thus, in 2022, the New York Times (January 5, 2022) described Mr. Ellinghouse’s journey from an ordinary lawyer to a “troubleshooter” known in New York business and government circles. Such professional growth of the hero of the publication ensured him world recognition. The minimum cost of his work is 150,000 US dollars and above. His work schedule is planned for a year ahead.

What is the secret of the popularity of such specialists and what problems can they solve?

The answer is unequivocal – the list of tasks has no limits:

1.) Conducting negotiations;

2.) Recovery of bad debts on a global scale;

3.) Industrial espionage;

4.) Inclination to reconciliation of the conflicting parties;

5.) Elimination of threats to the personal safety of the customer or his company;

6.) Creation of prerequisites for the bankruptcy of companies – competitors of the customer and many other things.

And all this can be done anywhere in the world and at any time. Strictly confidential. That is why such specialists are so expensive, their contacts are passed from hand to hand among customers, they do not need advertising, because their own reputation and case of successful cases speak for them.

Of course, to effectively work with tasks of similar complexity, it is necessary to use a wide arsenal of tools. However, participants in this field of activity do not like to advertise how they obtain a guaranteed result. The only thing we managed to learn about is a kind of “code of ethics”, which is based on the prohibition of committing crimes against the individual within the framework of the task. All other methods depend on the situation.

In the next part of the publication, we will tell you about the difference between “trouble shooting” and “mediation”. Let us describe their common and distinctive features. And, especially interesting will be a broad interview with a world-class specialist in the field of “guaranteed resolution of problems”, the founder of a Swiss network of offices, Mr….

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