A woman married a rag doll and says she is pregnant for the second time


37-year-old Brazilian Meirivon Rocha Moraes quickly rose to fame after falling in love with Marcelo, a rag doll her mother made for her. After all, in 2022, the woman “married” the doll.

This is reported by the Daily Star.

Despite several ups and downs, including Marcelo’s “betrayals”, Meyrivon says they have overcome their obstacles and are now expecting their “second child”.

“I am very happy because I am pregnant again from Marcelo. This time we will have a girl. We are very happy,” the woman told reporters, adding that even if the child turns out to be a boy, she and her lover will still welcome the child with hugs.

Moraes announced this news on TikTok, showing a seemingly positive pregnancy test. In the caption of the video, in which the woman holds back and smiles as she holds up the test to the camera, she indicated: “I’m pregnant!”

Fans were quick to congratulate the couple and share their well wishes, though some TikTok users were more skeptical of the announcement.

“She needs help,” commented one of the followers.

“Very crazy,” added another.

The news came as a pleasant surprise for Moraes and her on-again, off-again “husband” after the couple went through a rough patch last year due to Marcelo’s “infidelity”. Meirivon says she was horrified to learn of her husband’s “betrayal,” even though he could not move or speak.

“Since I found out that he cheated on me, we have been very distant. We still live in the same house, but it’s not the same house anymore. But now, because of the child, everything is different. Marcelo is much gentler with me and I believe this will improve our relationship. This new child will save our marriage,” says the Brazilian.

The couple already has one joint “son” – another rag doll named Marcelinho, who was painlessly “born” on May 21, 2022.

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