Adventures in Yablunivka continue! The long-awaited premiere of the series “Mad Neighbors”


On March 6, the TV channel TET will host the premiere of the comedy series “Mad Neighbors”, created by FILM.UA Group in cooperation with Prototype Production and 1+1 Media. The series became a continuation of the film trilogy “Crazy Wedding”, beloved by Ukrainians, and will present even more folk humor and good mood.

In the series, the common life of neighbors comes to the fore, which are waiting for interesting challenges, tests of conscience and learning to be good neighbors. On the screens, the audience will see already familiar characters from the films “Crazy Wedding”, as well as meet newcomers. In addition, the creators of the series promise that popular stars of Ukrainian show business will also make cameos in the series.

“Mad Neighbors” is a Ukrainian series about good comedy, everyday relationships and situations that are familiar to everyone who, of course, has neighbors.

“The second season was filmed during the war. Several shootings took place on the days when there were terrible shelling of Kyiv. Once they saw a rocket flying over the set, saw where it fell. Even one of our artists felt physically ill at that moment. An ambulance was called,” Yuriy Gorbunov shared.

The comedy will consist of 48 episodes of both seasons. Filming of the first 24 was completed even before the start of a full-scale invasion, but the continuation of the beloved trilogy “Mad Wedding” is finally ready to delight its viewers with new adventures of popular heroes.

The process of creating the series was a truly unique experience. It was a real challenge for the project team, because filming began at the beginning of October and continued for more than two months, despite air raids and shelling.

The project involved the locations of “Yablunivka” already well known to the audience, as well as new ones – recreated in pavilions on the exterior grounds of the FILM.UA Group studio complex. The presence of a bomb shelter at the film studio became one of the determining factors for moving locations, due to which all production processes took place as much as possible in compliance with wartime safety rules.

Do not miss the long-awaited premiere – watch the most popular Ukrainian TV series “Mad Neighbors” from March 6, from Monday to Thursday at 19:00 on TV channel TET.

Production: FILM.UA Group and Prototype Production.

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