An exhibition of modern Ukrainian art opened in the Art Arsenal


The Art Arsenal invites you to visit an exhibition of modern Ukrainian art “Heart of the Earth”. These are paintings, photographs, videos, sculptures, graphics, installations created by 16 Ukrainian artists during 2014–2022.

This is an exhibition about Ukraine’s place in the global world, about its influence on the country and reconstruction. The focus of the exhibition is the interrelationships between the land, the people who value this land, and the food born from their interaction.

“Conceiving this exhibition, turning to various practices and reflections of artists, we sought to keep this historical memory in focus. For us, the triangle of relations was also important: the land – a person who is dear to this land – food, born from their interaction. Our land – what kind of land is it and what is known about it from the point of view of food importance for the world? How do territories reclaimed in the period of global colonial transformation—extremely influential but powerless and without a voice of their own—acquire agency now? It is about the ability to act on one’s behalf and in one’s own interests,” the organizers say.

You can visit the exhibition from any corner of the world, because the exposition is available to connoisseurs of modern Ukrainian art 24/7 thanks to the 3D tour.

3 exhibition halls and the entrance area are available for online viewing. Visitors to the 3D tour can examine the works in detail, read in Ukrainian and English about the concept of each exhibition hall, as well as descriptions of individual works.

The exhibition will last until February 26, 2023. The virtual tour will be available after the completion of the exhibition project.

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