An open heart in a front-line hospital: how surgeons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine saved a wounded man


The Medical Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces perform unique operations in very difficult conditions, rescuing soldiers.

Medics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine perform complex operations on soldiers who are brought by evacuation brigades to front-line hospitals.

“Miracles do not just happen – they are realized by the hands of our surgeons!
The operation, which was carried out the other day in one of the front-line hospitals, is popularly called “taken out of the other world,” she wrote Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar.

She posted a picture with her chest open and her heart open, which was taken at the time of the operation.

The story is short and impressive. “On April 8, medics evacuated a serviceman with a gunshot wound to the left pleural cavity and pericardial cavity, as well as the left chambers of the heart,” Ms. Malyar wrote about the defender’s diagnosis.

She explained to people unfamiliar with medical terminology what had happened.

The patient arrived in serious condition with multiple shrapnel wounds to the abdomen and heart.

Doctors decided on immediate surgical intervention.

The heart of a soldier during an operation.

They successfully performed several complex sequential actions that saved the life of a soldier.

“Liquidation of partial tamponade of the heart, suturing of damage to the lateral surface of the left ventricle between the 1st diagonal branch and the 1st branch of the obtuse edge of the circumflex artery, stopping bleeding. As well as elimination of the massive collapsed left-sided hemothorax. Next — drainage of the pericardial cavity and the left pleural cavity. Chest compression,” she said.

The operation was performed by surgeon Dmytro Beshley, the surgical team consisted of: Andrii Sobko, Serhiy Zayachkivskyi and Roman Sobko.

As of today, the worst for the patient is behind us. The soldier’s condition is stable. He was transported for further treatment and recovery.

“We hope to show our rescued warrior and tell his story in the near future,” Malyar promised.

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