And I love “cotton” with delivery to the Crimea: the Defense Forces responded to the fire in Sevastopol


The defense forces of Ukraine reacted to the explosions in the temporarily occupied Crimea for the first time. However, not as Russian propagandists had hoped.

The press center of the Defense Forces of the Tavria direction commented on the explosions in Sevastopol. The Russians expected a serious comment from the Ukrainian side – we provided it.

How the Defense Forces commented on the explosions in Crimea

The defenders responded to the Russian invaders with a short and cheerful poem:

A dog likes meat, a crow likes cheese, and I like cotton with delivery to the Crimea,
– said Oleksa Svitlyishyi.

This is clearly not the answer that the Russian invaders expected. So you can imagine their faces when they translated this appeal.

Reaction of the Defense Forces to the explosions in Sevastopol: watch the video

The Russians are already speaking

Pro-Russian Telegram channels are already spreading this appeal. They claim that with this appeal, the Armed Forces of Ukraine took responsibility for the explosions at the oil depot in Crimea.

They also began to insult Oleksa Svitliyshyi, calling him a clown. Although we all know who the clowns really are.

This is not a clown in the circus, this is an official representative of the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces took responsibility for the explosion at the oil depot in Crimea,
– complain the occupiers.

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