Andre Tan together with Yevhen Klopotenko made borscht fashionable


Exclusive collaboration Andre Tan x Yevhen Klopotenko “Ukrainian borscht. X-ray”

Ukrainian fashion designer and designer Andre Tan, in partnership with famous Ukrainian chef Yevhen Klopotenko, created a limited collection of t-shirts that combine fashion and food in a unique and exciting way.

Evgeny Klopotenko (2)
Evgeny Klopotenko (4)
Evgeny Klopotenko (3)

The collection with Ukrainian borscht as a muse includes three varieties of design: borscht under X-ray; pop art inspired by Andy Warhol and borscht as a Pantone color sample. T-shirts will be sold in a pot, and their tags will contain the recipe for “family borscht” from Yevhen Klopotenko – this will stimulate each buyer to be creative and experiment, both in the kitchen and with their own style.

Andre Tang has long been watching how merchu culture is growing in the fashion world and how former street and youth brands are rapidly taking their place in the pantheon of high fashion. His motivation to join the collaboration with Yevhen Klopotenko was the desire to make a relevant and modern “Ukrainian merch”, and through it to show a kind of portrait of the “new Ukraine”, in which stylish and creative people show their talents and develop their own style, as well as know how to appreciate and cook delicious food.

Andre Tang:People always came to Ukraine to enjoy something delicious and unusual, unlike other cuisines in the world. Today, when Ukraine is in the epicenter of world attention, we want to show our country as a center of delicious food, creativity, indomitability and self-sufficiency. Our “borscht under the x-ray” with Yevgeny is a kind of DNA of modern Ukraine, respect for traditions and their integration into the world context. Ukrainian borscht is Ukraine, no matter how hostile Russia tries to steal it from us“.

Yevgeny Klopotenko, one of the most famous Ukrainian chefs, believes that borscht is not just a dish, it is an internationally understood and popular symbol of Ukrainian culture, one of the signs of its identity. And with the recognition of borscht as part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage, the socio-cultural importance of the dish and the need to protect its heritage only increased.

Evgeny Klopotenko:My big Ukrainian dream is to popularize our cuisine. It was this goal that drove me when I submitted borscht to the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO. I knew that when borscht was loved by the world, Ukrainians would also love it. And now borscht is part of the campaign of the leading Ukrainian designer. I am glad that Andre and I joined our efforts to show that Ukrainian can be fashionable and modern“.

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