Artifacts of war, transformed into art: the capital museum demonstrates an original art project


The uniqueness of the exposition lies in the fact that each work contains destroyed enemy military items collected from the battlefield.

An art project is ongoing in Ivan Kavaleridze Museum-Workshop Ukraine Victory Gallery or “Ukrainian Gallery of Victory”.

The initiative united creative forces from different parts of Ukraine with the aim of rethinking the cruel realities of our present through the prism of modern Ukrainian artists of various directions and genres.

They are trying to kill and destroy us, and we make art out of these weapons…“, – say the indomitable artists.

Artists turned Russian ammunition into works of art. Photo: Tiana Studio

According to the curators of the project, the exhibition “Victory Gallery” is a kind of protest of the modern creative community against the criminal Russian aggression, where the artifacts of the war are filled with a completely different and new meaning.

Thus, Russian military equipment is transformed into Ukrainian defense tools, helping soldiers on the front lines who are now fighting to preserve democratic values.

Oleksandr Yunin, director of the Museum, and Vlad Nikityuk, the initiator of the project. Photo: Vlad Nikityuk

The initiator of the exposition, Vlad Nikityuk, notes that the idea for the project appeared as early as August last year, but he and his colleagues decided to do it before the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine.

The prerequisite for the creation of the “Victory Gallery” was the initiative of a foreign volunteer, Lena Prydatka, to raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the same time, I had the desire to make from the remains of the weapons that were intended for our destruction: a used mine, a cartridge case or a piece of equipment, turning all this into works of artVlad Nikityuk notes.

In total, the art project presents the works of more than twenty artists from different parts of our country. The work on their creation lasted about a month.

Dmytro Shiyanov’s work “When Time Stopped”. Photo: Vlad Nikityuk

At the beginning of the exhibition, you can see Dmytro Shiyanov’s interesting work “When Time Stopped”. It uses a piece of the Russian Su-34 plane, which was shot down in the first days of the war in the Borodyanka district of the Kyiv region. The wreckage of the plane for the creation of this work was provided by a priest, Father Boris, who collects war artifacts.

The artist from Dnipro Tetiana Shakun presented the work “Russian zombie fighter”, dedicated to the influence of enemy propaganda on the human brain.

Yuriy Nikityuk, Vlad’s father, created the real “Bandero-pich” for the exhibition. To create it, the author used protective plates that no longer suited our soldiers. They were placed on shell casings found during the deoccupation of Borodyanka. The half-burnt image of the Russian dictator perfectly complements the image of the improvised oven.

The sculpture “Flying Cranes” is extremely moving, where a crippled hero without an arm and on crutches looks up at the flight of cranes.

The series of sculptures continues with images of indomitable Ukrainian warriors holding stingers and javelins.

Also in the exposition you can see the mosaic “Through Thorns” by Tetyana Rodkina, created on May 1, 2022 at the museum’s art event with the participation of visitors to Andriyivsky Uzvoz.

Among other mosaic compositions at the exhibition, you can see famous Ukrainian symbols: the Trident, the “Mriya” plane, a map of the Kyiv subway, which became the main shelter during air raids.

“The works presented in this exhibition are designed to tell the story of the deadliest conflict in Europe since the Second World War, and in the not-too-distant future will serve as an archive of the current atrocities of Russia, while displaying various artistic expressions of protest against the ongoing war“, the curators of the project noted.

Also, each work is not only a work of art, it serves as a reminder of the atrocities committed by Russian invaders against Ukrainians.

Selected works will be exhibited to auction Ukraine Aid Opsand the collected funds will be used to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front line.


Ukraine Aid Ops (UAO) is an international group of civilian volunteers dedicated to protective equipment and life-saving equipment and delivering them directly into the hands of defenders on the front lines in Ukraine.

UAO raised more than $2 million and used it to purchase body armor, helmets, radios, drones, gloves, dry suits, winter clothing, first aid kits, night vision devices, vehicles and other equipment.

All of this is delivered directly to the units that need it, eliminating the risk of misappropriation and fraud.

Art project “Ukraine Victory Gallery”

When: until March 31, Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00-18.00;

Where: Museum-workshop of Ivan Kavaleridze, Andriyivskyi Uzviz, 21

Ticket price: adult — 50 hryvnias, discounted — 25 hryvnias.


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