As a result of the night attack, there is new damage to networks in six regions, – Ukrenergo


As a result of Russian shelling, 404 settlements are currently without electricity. In particular, after the night attack, new damage was recorded in the power grids of six regions.

This was reported by the press service of NEC “Ukrenergo”.

“During the night rocket attack, the networks in the Lviv region were damaged, emergency and restoration work is ongoing. There was also damage in the Dnipropetrovsk region, so far all consumers have recovered,” the report says.

In addition, as a result of the shelling by the Russians, there is new damage to networks in Donetsk region, Sumy region, Kharkiv region and Kherson region.

It is noted that the restoration of power supply takes place under the security situation and with the permission of the military.

At the same time, on August 14, energy companies recorded an increase in electricity consumption across the country – the maximum consumption increased immediately by 7% compared to Sunday, August 13, and by 2.4% compared to the previous working day on August 11.

For the energy system, this equates to the need to quickly include at least three additional units at thermal power plants, Ukrenergo explains.

The reasons for the increase in consumption are the beginning of the working week, the return of heat and the almost simultaneous switching on of air conditioners throughout the country.

As the company added, today electricity is imported from Slovakia, Poland, and Moldova throughout the day with a maximum capacity of up to 1,048 MW in certain hours. There is no export.

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