Azov’s patronage service invites residents of Kyiv to donate blood to wounded soldiers


Blood will be collected for military and civilian patients of the Institute named after Amosov.

Next Monday, May 29, the Patronage Service of Azov is organizing an on-site blood collection for military and civilian patients of the Institute named after Amosov.

Blood will be taken at 9:30-12:30 at the Mirum clinic, located at 1-3 Viktora Nekrasov Street (former Severno-Syretska, — ed.)which is in the Podilsky District.

“Blood is always needed in Ukraine, but especially now, in wartime, when both military and civilians regularly receive serious injuries and need blood transfusions. That is why it is very valuable that donations become a regular good habit for Ukrainians,” says the press service of the Azov Patronage Service.

It will be possible to become a donor after registering through a personal account office donor Kiyans are warned that if you are unable to schedule a blood donation for a time slot, it means that the slots for that hour have run out.

As “Evening Kyiv” reported, field teams of the Kyiv city blood center work in the capital according to a fixed schedule. Therefore, residents and guests of the capital who wish to become blood donors can do so at the nearest medical facility.

Importantly. Anyone aged 18 to 60 years old, weighing at least 50 kg, height at least 150 cm, and who do not have chronic diseases and infectious diseases can share blood. Contraindications are low hemoglobin and critical days in women.

The day before, it is recommended to exclude fatty food from the diet, to eat boiled meat and fish, porridge, potatoes, boiled and raw vegetables, as well as fruits, juices, compote, rye bread. On the day of blood donation, you should eat a light breakfast: tea or juice, cookies, white bread.

450 ml of blood is taken from each donor. You must have your passport and identification code with you. After the procedure, volunteers are offered sweets with hot tea or red wine.

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