Belgium will provide Ukraine with more than two hundred military trucks


A hundred Belgian instructors are also on their way to train Ukrainian soldiers.

The Ministry of Defense of Belgium plans to hand over 240 military trucks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is reported by the publication De Standaard.

A batch of Volvo Cargo, Volvo Shelter, Volvo Fassi and Volvo Manumat cars will be sent to Ukraine next week.

“The trucks have been in operation since the early 1990s (’92-’93). Therefore, a major inspection and reconstruction operation was launched a few months ago. The Ministry of Defense is convinced that the 240 vehicles currently on their way to the Ukrainian army are in good condition. Also included are all the instructions and spare parts that were still in stock,” the publication writes.

Volvo trucks have an awning or a crane, and some even tow trucks. The main advantage of these cars is that their mechanics are relatively simple. Therefore, Ukrainians will not need additional training, upon arrival they will already be able to use them, as well as service them independently.

It should be noted that Belgium has long planned to gradually abandon the use of these trucks. However, the Minister of Defense Lyudivin Dedonder emphasized that only the equipment that the country needs is supplied to Ukraine. Each Ukrainian request is checked for feasibility in the defense department and Belgian industry.

In addition to the delivery of trucks, a hundred Belgian instructors are on their way to train Ukrainian soldiers.

Recently, the British factory “O& H Venari”, which produces ambulances, handed over the first batch of armored “ambulances” to the capital. The capital authorities will transfer them to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Yulia Sergeeva

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