Bohdan Beniuk and Taras Tsymbalyuk: creative evenings with screenings of Ukrainian films continue at the House of Cinema


In April, viewers can meet their favorite actors and watch quality Ukrainian films.

The Cinema Society branch continues special screenings in the Red Hall of the House of Cinema.

“Kinospilnota” arose as a cultural project of the company “Art-object”, which was created by two well-known personalities in cinema circles – ex-directors of “Zhovten” and “Kinopanorama” cinemas, Ludmila Gordeladze and Nataliya Soboleva.

At the events, they strive to give the audience the opportunity to communicate with the actors, as well as watch interesting films on the big screens. The slogan of the project is “Cinema with a taste of Freedom!”.

At the numerous requests of the audience, who want to continue the evening with the artist and enjoy the charisma of a truly people’s artist, without a long film but with stories and memories, the “Kinospilnot” is once again holding a meeting with Bohdan Benyuk.

For an hour and a half, he will talk about life, creativity and funny incidents.

The audience will be shown two short films shot last year with Bohdan Benyuk:

  • “Fornication and Watermelon” (director O. Volodkevich)
    A mystical thriller that has already visited several festivals. Adultery is a strange psychological state of a person, when he cannot determine the direction of movement, as if something is leading him in a circle…
  • “Gift” (director O. Martyrosyan)
    Detective comedy of the absurd. The film is about “living beings” who like to hide from their owners. Among them, the mobile phone is in the first place. The film took part in the main short film competition of the IFF in Germany.

When: April 5 at 5:30 p.m
Where: Kino House: Saksaganskoho Street, 6
Ticket price: 100-220 UAH.

By the way, recipients of the services of the network of Centers of Social Services of the city of Kyiv can get discount tickets for a creative evening. To do this, you need to contact the district centers of social services: contacts.

Also this month, moviegoers can meet theater and film actor Taras Tsimbalyuk, star of the TV series “Kryposna”, “Catch Kaidash”, “Super Cops”.

One of them is the main character of the film “Black Raven” (Ukraine, 2019). This film will be shown after a creative meeting with Taras Tsymbalyuk. The moderator of the conversation is journalist Tetyana Goncharova.

“Black Raven” by Taras Tkachenko is based on the bestseller of the same name by Vasyl Shklyar. It tells about one of the most dramatic pages of Ukrainian history – the fierce struggle of Ukrainian rebels against the occupying communist authorities in the 1920s in Kholodny Yar. The main character, the Holodoyarsk chieftain nicknamed “Black Raven”, organizes a fight against the occupying Bolsheviks, who have already invaded Ukraine and are introducing their Soviet system, killing patriots and oppressing Ukrainian culture.

Taras Tsymbalyuk is currently participating in the theater project “Emigrants”. Part of the money from the sold tickets is donated by the actors to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After the last tour of the show, they bought sets of thermal clothing, T-shirts, bulletproof vests, gloves, armor plates, first-aid kits, sets of knee pads and elbow pads, and tactical bags.

When: April 26 at 6:00 p.m
Where: Kino House: Saksaganskoho Street, 6
Ticket price: 100-220 UAH.

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Maria Kataeva

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