Broccoli chicken recipe


Simple to prepare, but very interesting recipe – Chicken with broccoli. It seems like ordinary products, but their combination has some kind of raisin. The first time I tried this dish, I couldn’t deny myself its frequent preparation. I try to cook this healthy delicacy whenever possible at least once a week. It is prepared quickly, it is not expensive. And the taste, you’ll just lick your fingers! I will be happy to introduce you to its preparation.

Ingredients for cooking chicken with broccoli:

  1. Chicken fillet – 2 pieces
  2. Broccoli – 2 heads
  3. Onions – 2 pieces
  4. Soy sauce – 2 tablespoons
  5. Garlic – 2 cloves
  6. Olive oil – 6 tablespoons
  7. Chicken bouillon cube – 2 pieces
  8. Purified distilled water – 5 tablespoons
  9. Ground black pepper to taste
  10. Allspice ground to taste
  11. Salt to taste


  1. Knife
  2. Cutting board – 2 pieces
  3. Plate
  4. Deep bowl
  5. Deep pot
  6. Teaspoon
  7. Colander
  8. Kitchen paper towels
  9. Plate
  10. Frying pan with a lid
  11. Tablespoon
  12. Garlic press
  13. Wooden spatula

Cooking chicken with broccoli.

Step 1: prepare onions

Take an onion, peel it with a knife. Rinse under running water.

Cut it into medium cubes on a cutting board. Choose the diameter of the cube arbitrarily, the main thing is that it is not too large. Put the chopped onion on a plate.

Step 2: prepare the chicken breast

Take the chicken fillet and wash it under running water. We put it on a cutting board for meat, clean it from the veins and cut it into small pieces with a knife.

I cut pieces in diameter 2 by 2 centimeters. Chicken, cut into small pieces, marinates and cooks well and quickly.

We take the chopped chicken, put it in a deep bowl, add ground black pepper, ground allspice and 2 teaspoons of olive oil to it. We take the cubes, crush them right in the package, unfold the crumpled cubes, resulting in bouillon powder. Crushed sprinkle the chicken with cubes. Sprinkle with soy sauce and thoroughly mix all the ingredients with a spoon. Leave the chopped chicken fillet marinate for 20-25 minutes.

Step 3: prepare the broccoli

Let’s take broccoli. Rinse under running water.

We separate the broccoli cabbage into florets with our hands and put them in a saucepan.

We turn on the stove to the middle level. Pour running water into the pot with broccoli so that it covers the cabbage on top. Add salt to taste. The main thing is not to oversalt, we have other ingredients that you and I will season with salt. Boil broccoli cabbage for 20-25 minutes.

After the broccoli is cooked, put it in a colander and let the water drain and cool. In order not to wait for the cabbage to dry, we lower it with a paper kitchen towel. Put the finished, dried, boiled broccoli in a deep bowl.

Step 4: fry the meat

The meat is marinated. We turn on the stove to medium level and put a frying pan on it. Pour into a heated pan 2 teaspoons of olive oil and wait for it to heat up. We add marinated pieces of chicken fillet to the heated olive oil, and help ourselves to put them on the pan with a tablespoon. Fry the chicken meat until it is fully cooked, until it is covered with a golden brown crust. Chicken fillet, as well as marinated, is fried very quickly. within 10 minutes the meat will be ready. When frying meat, do not forget to stir it with a wooden spatula so that it is fried from all sides and does not burn.

Step 5: fry onions with broccoli

We turn on the stove to medium level and put a frying pan on it. We put in it 2 spoons of olive oil and heat it. Add diced onion to heated olive oil with a tablespoon. Fry the onion to a milky color – the onion should darken, but not be fried.

In the almost cooked onion, we add the broccoli cut into florets and boiled cabbage. We screw the plate to a small level. Fry the broccoli together with the onion for 5-7 minutes. While frying, mix the ingredients with a wooden spatula.

Step 6: combine all the ingredients

Add the fried chicken fillet to the almost ready broccoli and onions. Mix everything thoroughly with a wooden spatula. Fry all the combined ingredients for another 1-2 minutes. Add 6 tablespoons of water. On top of the products simmering in water, garlic is injected through a garlic press. Cover the pan with a lid and stew the vegetables for another 2 minutes. Our dish is ready. Remove the pan from the stove. Place on a plate.

Step 7: Serve “Chicken with Broccoli”

Broccoli chicken is served as a main dish. Mashed potatoes or boiled rice with butter can be served as a side dish. Personally, when I cook this dish at home, I don’t always have time to cook the side dish. This meat is so tender and tasty that you can eat it with pleasure without a side dish, just with bread. I hope you enjoyed making Broccoli Chicken.

Bon Appetit!


– Chicken with broccoli can be cooked with different sauces. Sauces can be such as orange – mustard, sour cream, creamy. You can also add bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, canned peas and corn. True, such a combination of products is more like a vegetable stew. But it’s also very tasty.

– Broccoli can be stewed with any type of meat, but you have to remember that all types of meat are stewed for different amounts of time.

– Do not forget that boiled vegetables, which you will reprocess at a high temperature, fry, stew, bake, they should not be overcooked. Fully prepared boiled vegetables during repeated processing disintegrate in a puree-like state and lose a large amount of their useful substances.

Do you remember! Cutting boards for meat and for raw and cooked vegetables should be separate. Don’t cut everything on one board.

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