Budanov with a basket. The network exploded with humor because of the photo of the chief scout


The photo of the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kyryll Budanov, is being discussed in the network. Ukrainians paid attention to the stern expression of Budanov, who came to consecrate Easter gifts in the church.

In particular, Anton Honza ironically wrote on his Facebook page: “Mr. Budanov, Christ is risen! Thank you, but we received this data at 5 in the morning.”

Ukrainians emphasized that the expression on Budanov’s face is priceless.

People’s deputy Volodymyr Aryev succinctly commented: “When rations were sent to work.”

“Christ is risen, and the Russian woman is sighing”, “Gloomy uncle and the festive basket”, “Easter will end in 2-3 weeks”, – note other commentators.

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