Central Committee on the first results of the integrity check of candidates for the post of NABU director


“Honorable candidates”

Today, candidates for the post of NABU director are taking their first test. Meanwhile, there are already noticeable and not entirely virtuous ones.

About this informs Anti-Corruption Center (CPC), reports Censor. NO.

“A little more about each of them:

1. Yehor Bodrov is the owner of the law office of the same name and adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Monastyrskyi. On his website, he notes that he worked for several months in the State Geocadastre, and before that he was in pre-trial detention center No. 13 in Kyiv on charges of robbery, extortion, and the creation of a terrorist organization (!)

According to the YouControl system, Bodrov was the lawyer of the person involved in the anti-corruption investigation – the former director of the Department of State Procurement of the Ministry of Defense Oleksandr Zrazhevskyi. At one time, he was arrested on suspicion of fraud with the supply of fuel for the army, and 420,000 dollars were found in the official’s safe.

2. Vitaly Vlasyuk – Deputy Head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration. Previously worked as a lawyer. He defended the Altayur company, which in 2017-2019 provided servers for posting information from the register of declarations. At the same time, the cost of the lease exceeded the cost of the leased equipment itself, therefore, in 2020, the contract regarding the lease of possession from Altayur was not signed, and the possible collusion of the former management of NAZK and the company is being investigated by NABU.

The company sued, disagreeing with the fact that the contract was not renewed and their servers were seized. On November 4, the Supreme Court confirmed the decision of the previous instance – Altayur’s demands were recognized as groundless. Defending Altayur, during the constitutional crisis in 2020, Vlasyuk publicly called for erasing all information from the arrested servers – these are millions of declarations of officials.

Last year, Vlasyuk posted on his Facebook page a friendly congratulation on the birthday of Vitaly Serdyuk, Viktor Yanukovych’s lawyer. However, the post is currently removed or access is restricted.

Vitaliy Vlasyuk’s twin brother – Vladyslav Vlasyuk – currently holds the position of adviser to the Office of the President, works within the Yermak-McFaul sanctions group.

3. Andriy Novak is the former deputy head of NABU, who was dismissed by Artem Sytnyk on November 22, 2021. Novak appealed his dismissal in the scandalous, but already liquidated OASK.

4. Semyon Kryvonos is the winner of the competition for the head of the Odesa branch of NABU, but due to the scandals surrounding his illegal wealth, he was not appointed. Prior to the competition, he held the position of first deputy head of Odessa Customs at NABU. Now he is the head of the State Inspection of Architecture and Urban Planning (former DABI).

5. Stanislav Dikiy is the owner of the “Bona Fide Group” lawyer association together with Maksym Govorukha, with whom he represents the defense in the corruption case – the Alperin case. Before becoming a lawyer, Dikiy worked in the National Police, holding the position of head of the department of the Main Investigative Department in the Mykolaiv and Odesa regions. Although it should have been polished, because during Yanukovych’s time he worked as the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Luhansk region.

6. Yuliya Yatsik is a member of the Verkhovna Rada from the Servant of the People. According to Chesno, Yatsyk did not see a violation of the anti-corruption legislation by hiring her business partner as an assistant. On October 25, she announced her departure from the party, but continues to remain in the SN faction.

7. Oleksiy Shevchuk is a scandalous lawyer, since 2017 a partner of the Barristers bar association. He defends/defended a number of persons involved in NABU cases and other odious persons, such as Olenksandr Onyshchenko, Ilya Kiva, Yaroslav Kashuba, Boryslav Rozenblat, Oleg Bakhmatyuk and others,” said the Central Committee of the Central Committee of Ukraine.

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