Cooperation with the Russian “Novatek” and US sanctions did not prevent the Turks from signing a memorandum with the domestic ECU


According to information in mass mediathe Ukrainian national company JSC “Energy Company of Ukraine” (EKU) signed with the Turkish manufacturer Karpowership memorandum on the supply of floating power plants.

Arguments in support of concluding a future agreement with the Turks are probably standard:

– increased probability of ships passing through the Bosphorus;

– the potential opportunity for the Turks to influence the Russian Federation and international institutions to ensure the functioning of systems, such as the agreement on the grain corridor.

Like, everything is fine…

However, the question of the pricing of the future agreement, its openness and economic feasibility remains open, since not only the mentioned Turkish company, but also Siemens or Prios Industry Systems and Services UGhas the possibility of supplying similar systems, and, as is known, healthy competition contributes to increasing quality and reducing costs.

We remind you that in addition to this project, a Turkish company Karpowership produces similar floating power plants for the Russian gas giant “Novatek” within the framework of the project “Arctic LNG 2”which was subject to US sanctions imposed in response to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Therefore, the question remains open: “Why did the domestic state company give an absolute preference to the Turkish Karpowershipwhich does not shy away from US sanctions and cooperates with the enemy?”

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