Cossack Syromakh presented a new song about the dialogue between the Holy Spirit and the personality


A star resident of the city of Dnipro, the Cossack Syromakh, presented a new song “The Cossacks have risen to the dawn.” The premiere of the music video was also held.

It is available on YouTube channels performer


According to Syromakha, the history of the performance of this song is connected with the Cossack’s communication with God.

“Inner experiences, the human present, the dialogue of the Holy Spirit with the personality. Like nature itself, the elements help us. Suffering for the unprofessionalism of a sober vision of life and compassion for humanity for the loss of faith, love and selfless interaction of humanity with each other. I believe in real life, the best. I wish victory, love and peace in hearts”– wrote the musician.

About the artist

Participated in the eighth season of the show “Voice of the Country”. All four coaches returned to him on the project. Then the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Jamala, collaborated with Oleksandr (real name of the singer). Although the Cossack Syromakh did not win the vocal show, he was noticed by producer Ivan Klymenko (owner of the ENKO label).

Oleksandr graduated from the Academy of Cossacks, and now teaches Cossack types of martial arts. He works in the “Angry Cossacks” theater, where he shows tricks on horses and combat hopak.

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