Criminals created a fake website of the publication “Ukrainian Pravda”


Unknown people are spreading fake publications in the network from the names of UP journalists.

About this reported in IMI

It is known that so far 14 publications have been discovered on behalf of UP, which spread Russian narratives. The authors of this “news” refer to Telegram channels, which, according to the SBU, operate in the Russian Federation.

“We believe that this Russian IPSO is aimed at discrediting the army and undermining confidence in the leadership of Ukraine, both military and political.” – Sevgil Musaeva, editor-in-chief of the publication, commented on the situation.

Photo: Institute of Mass Information

Also about a pseudo-site told Ukrainian Pravda journalist Pavlo Kazarin on his personal Facebook page:

“Fake publications on behalf of “Ukrainian Pravda” appear on the network from time to time. Visually, it is a copy of UP, with the only difference that the role of the content is some kind of treasonous game. Now they also started writing fake columns on behalf of regular authors of UP. For example, from mine. The last story is an attack on TrO, signed with my name.”

Kazarin urged readers to pay attention to the publication’s domain and to remember that he duplicates all his texts on social networks.


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