Dancer Rusina showed passionate kisses with her new boyfriend after a high-profile romance with MELOVIN


It seems that the singer and the dancer have parted ways.

Participant of the show “Dancing with the Stars”, dancer Lisa Rusina after a high-profile affair with a singer MELOVIN twisted a new one.

The celebrity announced this on her Instagram. She published a video where she passionately kisses her boyfriend on the Cypriot beach. Play

However, it seems that MELOVIN did not spend Valentine’s Day alone. The performer published a photo of himself holding hands with a mysterious stranger.

MELOVIN with a mysterious stranger / Photo:

It should be noted that MELOVIN took part in “Dancing with the Stars”, where his partner was Lisa Rusina. On the project, feelings arose between the singer and the dancer, so later they started dating. However, their relationship did not last long.

MELOVIN and Lisa Rusina / ©
MELOVIN and Lisa Rusina / Photo:

What’s more, many fans did not believe MELOVIN and Liza that there was really sincere love between them. Some Internet users were convinced that the couple simply arranged PR in this way.

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