Danilov named the only way to de-occupy Crimea


In 2021, the Ukrainian authorities adopted a political and diplomatic path to the liberation of the temporarily occupied Crimea. Currently, this strategy is irrelevant.

So considers Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

The official said that the previous strategy had several points for the deoccupation of Crimea, including a military one. However, the priority was the political and diplomatic way of liberating the temporarily occupied peninsula.

Currently, in Danilov’s opinion, the only possible achievement of the liberation of the temporarily occupied Crimea is the military way.

“We need to adopt the relevant documents, and the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine must vote for them. In the current period of time, I do not see any other way than a military one for the decision to liberate Crimea”Danilov noted.

At the same time, the Secretary of the Security Council noted that the final decision is made by the members of the National Security Council. Instead, changes will need to be established by presidential decree.

“We are working through all the documents related to the processes taking place in the security and defense sector of Ukraine. This is one of them”Danilov said.

Also, according to the official, there are a lot of such documents.

“When they say that we didn’t prepare, it’s just that someone forgot that they had to read the documents. Everything is written there. It is necessary to read carefully and most importantly – to perform. If all decisions were flawless and 100% implemented, we would have a completely different situation.”– emphasized the secretary of the NSDC.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to separate Crimea from mainland Russia during the counteroffensive. The main goal of our troops is the de-occupation of all territories.

In addition, the ex-commander of the US ground forces in Europe, General Ben Godges, shared a map with projected strikes on Russian military facilities in Crimea, which would help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to speed up the return of territories. Godges believes that long-range strikes will be most effective in the initial stage. They will help to make the peninsula unsuitable for the further stay of the enemy army.

But NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, commenting on the possibility of Ukraine returning Crimea by force, indicated that the war started by Russia should end at the negotiating table. There, Ukraine must make its own decision about the conditions acceptable to it.

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