Danilova’s granddaughter recorded a song about burned-out light bulbs


Granddaughter of the Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilova Maria Danilova presented her new song “Light Bulbs”. I have already recorded a clip for her.

The artist dedicated the single to the topic of unhappy love and turning off the lights. According to Danilova, when a person falls in love, she seems to glow from the inside, as if a bright light bulb lights up in her at that moment.

In the song, the main character fell out of love with her chosen one for many reasons, and in her “the light bulbs burned out.”

“When I see that a loved one is cheating, my feelings immediately disappear. I drew a parallel to such a feeling with the “extinguishing of a light bulb”, because I consider it an appropriate comparison today. Hence the name of the track. The story itself is connected with my past. I always express all my bright emotions in songs, so this experience became the impetus for writing such a sensitive composition,” said Maria.

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