Description of places of interest in Thailand that you should visit (Photo)


The pearl of Southeast Asia is known for its majestic temples, paradise beach vacation opportunities, unique nature, unique massage techniques, cosmetics, and rare fruits.

The practical absence of cold days in the year is an important condition for the endless flow of travelers to this Asian country. This country is always waiting for tourists traveling in search of warm sun, fabulous beaches for swimming and sunbathing!

It is believed that the best beach holidays in Thailand are on the islands. The unforgettable island of Samui is one of the most popular among tourists. The green shores of this paradise on Earth are washed by the azure waters of the Gulf of Siam of the Pacific Ocean: all this combined creates an incredible landscape that you will never want to say goodbye to! Also known are the beaches of Phi Phi, Phangan, Similan, Railay Beach and Patong.

No less wonderful landscapes are open to tourists in places of original Thai architecture. The most vivid representatives are temples, of which there are about 30,000 in the country, not counting inactive ones!

One of the most famous among them is Chiang Rai or the White Temple – a snow-white building of fantastic beauty, decorated with particles of mirrors and marble. It is located in the province of the same name in the north of Thailand. This place attracts many travelers from all over the world, because the famous Golden Triangle is located here – the border of Thailand with Laos and Burma.

Did you know that Thailand is famous for its health resorts? The Thai people pay great attention to health and everything related to it. In addition, in addition to man-made health centers, there are many natural sources of strength and energy on the territory of the state! So, to really blend in with Thai culture, head to the hot springs of San Kamphaeng or Chiang Mai.

In addition to the exceptional landscape, you can also swim in mineral-enriched and sulphurous water that rises from the depths of the Earth with a temperature of about 100°C. You will only need to choose: a separate room with a bathroom or a huge pool! Of course, bathing in thermal springs will not be considered a full-fledged health treatment without a real Thai massage, which is offered here as a separate service.

In Thailand, it is very difficult to ignore its capital, Bangkok, because there is such a variety of amazing attractions! Moreover, one of the most sacred places in Thailand is also located in the capital: this is the Royal Palace. It is here that the royal family stays during important ceremonies, so all the buildings of this palace complex, without exception, are generously decorated with precious varieties of marble, mosaics, mother-of-pearl from the outside and inside.

Also in Bangkok you will meet the Temple of the Reclining Buddha – the largest and oldest temple in the city. The famous technique of Thai massage was born here!

There are many beautiful places in the world, but in Thailand you will find officially recognized one of the most picturesque places on Earth! This is the island of Koh Tapu in Phuket. It is a solid rock that cuts into the water with steep banks. Therefore, it is impossible to land on it: you can only look at it from the water. Koh Tapu is also called the island of James Bond, because the finale of the legendary Bondiana was filmed here: every exciting event has an exceptional view!

Thailand is a country to which you do not need to look for an excuse. Visiting these countries many times, every traveler discovers their beautiful sides in a new way!

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