Dmitry Buryak: servicemen are promised to return the monthly 30,000 thousand salary supplement


In Ukraine, they intend to return additional monetary compensation to the military in the amount of 30,000. Previously, all military personnel received such an allowance. However, now the 30,000-thousand supplement to the salary is paid only to those soldiers who perform combat tasks. But in the near future the payments may be returned.

The resumption of additional payment to all military personnel is provided for by draft law No. 9071, which is registered in the Verkhovna Rada.

The authors of the draft law propose to return salary supplements not only to all employees of the Armed Forces, but also to policemen and rescuers who serve in the rear.

“The main task of this draft law is to ensure high motivation and an appropriate level of remuneration for persons fulfilling the duty to protect the Motherland, the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” says the explanatory note to the draft law

Surcharges for rear military personnel were canceled from February 2023

Before that, all servicemen received a 30,000 monthly salary supplement, with the exception of those who participated in battles directly on the front lines. Those who fought at “zero” were paid 100,000 hryvnias per month in proportion to the number of days they spent on the front line. This payment was left to the fighters.

But the extra payment in the amount of 30,000 was left only for those who carry out combat tasks, and this extra payment was canceled for all rearguards. At the same time, the mandatory salary of all military personnel was increased, which depends on the military rank and the position held. Thus, now the minimum salary in the Armed Forces is 20,100 hryvnias instead of the previous 13,000. However, such an increase of 7,000 cannot compensate for the loss of the 30,000 additional payment.

This was a wrong step, according to the initiators of the bill. The reduction in payments was negatively perceived in the army. According to the authors of the draft law, the reduction in salaries undermined the military’s confidence in the authorities. In addition, it demoralizes military personnel and undermines the defense capability of the state. Therefore, all servicemen must immediately return their previous payments.

True, it is not yet known where the money will be taken to raise the salaries of the military if the Rada votes for this bill. Previously, it was proposed to increase payments to the military by limiting payments to other state employees.

However, the government has now submitted to the parliament a bill to increase budget expenditures for the Armed Forces by half a trillion hryvnias at once. Perhaps, in this amount there will be money to increase the salaries of the military.

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