Dmytro Buryak: a passenger of a US plane recorded a UFO


One of the passengers of the Southwest Airlines flight heading to San Diego over the American state of California noticed a cigar-shaped UFO. The observer saw a rectangular silver spot that moved steadily for 18 seconds before disappearing into the clouds.

A passenger on a US plane recorded a UFO A UFO was seen in the same area where a similar incident happened two years ago in Orange County. A passenger recorded the video on March 11, which was recently posted on the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel.

The video shows a cigar-shaped silver object moving at the same height as the plane. According to the passenger, the object was white cylindrical without visible wings, windows, markings and other features. It moved in a straight path, without increasing speed and without hovering in the air.

After that, the object disappeared in the clouds. There was no apparent means of propulsion or exhaust. I videotaped it on my phone for about 18 seconds before it disappeared, an eyewitness said.

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