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Imagine an advanced blockchain network that combines different technologies to create a secure foundation for metauniverse applications with an emphasis on security and user experience. Welcome to Futureverse ! This is not just another blockchain network; is the vision created by Aaron McDonald, Shara Senderoff and Marco Brondani. Their purpose? Build a strong community network, which will promote interaction and community-driven, user-driven technologies.

What is an open metauniverse?

Futureverse expands on Open Metaverse, a big idea that wants to make the Internet a digital economy owned by the community, not big corporations. Open Metaverse wants to bring together all parts of the Internet, such as finance, gaming, social networking and shopping, into a single experience.

An open metauniverse revolves around two key ideas—full participation and individual ownership. Unlike the current Internet, which consists of many separate but connected parts, the Metaverse wants to get rid of these divisions. It aims to bring together different sectors such as finance, gaming, social media and commerce into one digital experience.

Also, Open Metaverse manages users the best. With open source and open standards, it advocates returning control to communities, moving away from the common scenario where mega-corporations dominate most of our digital assets. This ecosystem empowers users to truly own their content, data, avatars and intelligence, facilitating unrestricted movement between applications.

A metaverse exists as a collection of user-owned resources and compatible applications, where each participant creates an application, metaverse, or content.

The idea of ​​the Open Metaverse envisions a future for the digital world without limitations that we see in today’s Internet, known as Web2. It envisions a future where all users have a voice in how we interact online and distributes control, providing greater choice than our current use of the Internet.

The universe of the future and its diverse technological spectrum

Futureverse stands out in the blockchain space because it combines different technological elements. It is more than just a decentralized blockchain network. It includes things like identity and passport systems, artificial intelligence, communication systems, payment methods and a large collection of content resources.

What is a root network?

The heart and soul of Futureverse rests in the root network, a public blockchain similar to Ethereum or Bitcoin. However, with a critical difference: it’s optimized for Metaverse and GameFi apps.

Source Futureverse


The root network is the epicenter where critical components such as identity, artificial intelligence, communications and payments come together. By integrating them, Futureverse aims to transform the user experience in the decentralized world of the Internet.


The root network protocol stands out because it uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This means it can understand and run Solidity smart contracts, allowing developers to use these contracts more fully. It also ensures that current Ethereum code and NFT assets can work with the root network.

Cooperation and partnership

The strength of Futureverse also lies in its collaboration with various web3 projects and famous partners such as FIFA , Warner Music and a host of celebrities. It is also backed by leading venture capital firms including Animoca Brands, Enjin Starter, Flamingo and AirTree.

As we enter the next era of the gaming world, Futureverse represents an exciting intersection of blockchain technology and the Metaverse, marking an exciting milestone in the gaming universe.

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