Gala Games , a leading player in the blockchain gaming arena, recently announced plans to give away updated version 2 (v2) tokens scheduled for May 15.

The development team shared this information in a blog post describing the key improvements and functionality of v2 tokens compared to the original version 1 (v1) tokens. This update is part of a larger initiative to optimize Gala smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

1:1 for existing GALA token holders

To ease the transition, Gala Games developers will provide current GALA v1 token holders with new v2 tokens on a 1:1 basis. Once v2 tokens are issued, v1 tokens will no longer have any value.
This approach is designed to ensure a seamless experience for users while maintaining the balance of the platform’s ecosystem.

Enhanced security and token recording mechanisms

The main goal of updating the Gala smart contract on Ethereum is to improve security. As a result, the development team created tokens v2 with updated security features that provide a more secure experience for users. In addition, v2 tokens will include write mechanisms, potentially increasing their value in the future.

Token burning mechanisms provide for the final removal of tokens from circulation by sending them to inaccessible addresses. This method can create positive sentiment for the tokens, as a decrease in supply combined with an increase in demand can lead to an increase in price.

Gala games: the leader in the field of cryptocurrency games

With a market capitalization of $360 million, Gala Games is one of the most prominent gaming-focused crypto projects. The platform provides users with a variety of games using native GALA tokens as the main currency for transactions in the ecosystem.

In-game assets take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to trade these assets on popular markets such as OpenSea .

Important tip for users before Airdrop

Gala Games recommends that users withdraw their $GALA tokens from any liquidity pools or smart contracts prior to the May 15 snapshot.

Unfortunately, the developers cannot guarantee that $GALA tokens within the liquidity pool contracts will be available after the airdrop event. To protect their tokens, users must take the necessary steps to remove them from such contracts by the specified deadline.


The upcoming Gala Games Token Update and airdrop event represent significant progress for the gaming platform. By integrating improved security measures, token recording mechanisms, and a simplified transition process, the development team demonstrates their commitment to providing an enhanced user experience.

As the crypto gaming sector continues to grow, Gala Games is poised to maintain its status as a dominant force in the market. The constant innovation of the platform reinforces its role as an important component in the evolution of Web3 games.

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