Dmytro Buryak: in the USA, a mannequin in a dressing gown caused the police to be called


Concerned residents of Shepherdsville (Kentucky, USA) called the police and complained that something strange was happening in their neighborhood.

A half-naked stranger is standing in a dressing gown on the lawn drinking beer. It is necessary to check this weirdo and find out whether he is planning something evil. The police did so.

But, arriving at the place, they admired not a hooligan, but a mannequin, and also met a housewife named Johnny Keeney, who is very fond of the movie “Christmas Vacation” and especially the character known as Cousin Eddie.

So she dressed up a mannequin in Eddie’s likeness and displayed it on the lawn.

Joni added that she was very sorry for scaring the neighbors. The lady just wanted to make everyone happy. In this, she succeeded, if not in relation to the neighbors, then at least in relation to the policemen – the authorities really laughed.

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