Dmytro Buryak presents the best portfolio trackers for tracking NFT investments


Portfolio trackers simplify the process of tracking NFT investments by providing complete dashboards of your holdings.

The premium NFT portfolio trackers we present below allow you to easily track price movements and evaluate the performance of your holdings. In addition, they offer you alert features that allow you to discover new investment opportunities.


Machine learning algorithm NFTBank automatically detects ERC-721 and ERC1155 standards. The tool offers users a clear overview of their current profits and losses. As the sample demonstrates portfolio you can easily track income, expenses, realized ROI and inventory value of your NFT portfolio.

Whenever a user buys an NFT, the price they paid is added to the cost column. Conversely, if they sell NFTs, the corresponding amount is added to the income column.

ROI is a measure of return on investment, calculated as the return on a particular NFT relative to its value. This does not take into account donated NFTs, which have a value of zero.

Finally, the inventory value is the sum of the value of all NFTs owned by the user. For this, NFTBank uses its own assessment model. If the model does not cover a particular NFT asset, the minimum price is used instead.

The NFTBank Portfolio Tracker is updated daily. You can use MetaMask, FortMatic, WalletConnect, Walletlink, Portis and Arcane wallets to connect to it.


DappRadar is an authoritative platform that tracks the vast number of decentralized applications, NFT markets and collections in the industry, providing extensive coverage of the NFT market. It has earned the trust of many investors due to its safe nature.

Thanks to DappRadar portfolio you can track both exchangeable tokens and NFTs on Ethereum, BNB Chain as well as Polygon. After connecting your wallet, you can view your wallet net worth, token value and NFT value. In addition, the DappRadar portfolio has two NFT-related components: an NFT gallery and a section dedicated to POAP.

Source DappRadar

Financial function viewing is currently in beta. Here, the profit and loss column shows the difference between the amount spent and the estimated value of current assets. The app calculates NFT values ​​using minimum prices; regardless, it will soon include an NFT settlement value model. Amounts spent are calculated based on the price of the last purchase.

Additionally, you can stay up-to-date on your preferred NFT programs and projects by setting up customizable alerts using the notifications .


Another NFT portfolio tracker that gives you advanced alert features is — RoverX . RoverX, available as on iOS , as well as on Android, supports mobile push notifications. To stay up-to-date, you can also add multiple wallets and view all your NFTs in one centralized location.

Custom alerts can be set up to let you know when you receive NFTs, sell NFTs, receive new offers for your NFTs, and when your NFT listings expire.

Another feature you can use is to set a target minimum price for a collection and get notified when it reaches that mark. Recently, the portfolio tracker also added minimum price alerts for the Blur market.


The Nansen electronic think tank has a special feature called NFT Profiler , which allows tracking of NFT assets. It is compatible with MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase and Phantom wallets.

You can view your portfolio’s estimated value, NFT transaction history, total expenses and income in one dashboard, which also provides a portfolio breakdown by fees and liquidity.

Portfolio trackers
Photo: Nansen

Nansen is known for its ability to extract data from over 240 million tagged wallet addresses. It is best suited for users who want to combine NFT portfolio monitoring with additional analytics tools that allow for deeper analysis.

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