Dnipro-1 life-saving draw: Ukraine kept two clubs in the Champions League for the 2024-2025 season


Our association was on the verge of losing a representative in the main European Cup after a season. However, the points from the Dnipro team together with Midtjylland’s relegation played into Ukraine’s hands

Dnipro-1 left the Conference League after a duel with AEK in the round of 16. In the first game, Kucher’s team lost minimally, while in the second match they drew zero, writes Channel 24.

Despite the relegation from the European Cups, the Dnipro team was able to benefit Ukraine. Our association was in danger of losing one club in the Champions League for the 2024-2025 season, because only the top 15 countries can send more than one representative to this tournament.

The position on the morning of Thursday, February 23:

13 Switzerland 29,175 1/4
14 Czech Republic 29,050 0
15 Norway 29,000 1/4
16 Ukraine 28,900 2/5
17 Denmark 27,875 1/5

Calculation rules. A team gets 1 point for a draw, 2 points for a win. All points of the association are added up and divided by the number of clubs that started from the country in the Euro season. So, for the past week, after the victory of Shakhtar and the defeat of Dnipro-1, Ukraine received 0.400 points in the table of coefficients (2 points divided by 5 teams). In turn, the Norwegians received 0.250 points for Bude-Glimt’s draw with Lech (1 point divided among 4 teams).

In order to guarantee getting into the top 15 according to the results of the season, Dnipro-1 and Shakhtar had to draw at least once in the second matches of the European Cups and expect a failure from the representative of Denmark Midtjylland.

This happened. Despite the relegation, Dnipro took a point with AEK and brought Ukraine 0.200 in the coefficient table. This allowed our association to rise to the 14th place. At the same time, Midtjylland lost crushingly to Sporting (0:4) and left Denmark without representatives

The position after the match Dnipro-1:

13 Switzerland 29,175 1/4
14 Ukraine 29,100 1/5
15 Czech Republic 29,050 0
16 Norway 29,000 1/4
17 Denmark 27,875 0

Only Norway with Bude/Glimt can bypass Ukraine, but it will not knock our association out of the first “fifteen”. Thus, in the 2024-2025 season, Ukraine will be represented as both the champion and the vice-champion.

If our country remains 15th, then the winner of the UPL will follow the “path of champions” and start from the second qualifying round. If on the 13th or 14th, then one round later. The second place will follow a more difficult “path of representatives” of the leagues and will start from the second round of qualification.

Worth knowing. From the 2024-2025 season, there will be 36 teams in the group tournaments of the Champions League, League of Legends and Champions League. They will not be divided into groups, but will compete all together according to the “Swiss system”. Each team will play eight matches against different opponents, after which, according to the standings, the 1st-8th places will go to the 1/8 finals of the respective tournament, and the 9th-24th places will go to the 1/16 finals.

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