Doctors listed the reasons for lack of appetite in the morning


People often have a lack of appetite in the morning, while few people know that there may be a serious problem behind this. Doctors listed the possible causes of such situations.


During sleep, some hormones fluctuate in the body, which can affect appetite. Studies have shown that adrenaline levels rise in the morning. It is believed to be able to suppress appetite.


A person feels less hungry when infected with the flu and other respiratory infections, including pneumonia. Some diseases affect the perception of aromas and taste, which also leads to a decrease in appetite.


Often this state of a person is accompanied by a lack of hunger. The patient must recognize the symptom in time and contact a specialist who will prescribe therapy taking into account the effect of anxiety on appetite reduction.

Dense dinner

If you had a meal with a high level of fat or protein for dinner in the evening, you may not really want to eat in the morning. These components slow down the emptying of the stomach, which leads to the preservation of satiety.

Other reasons for not wanting to eat breakfast include: pregnancy, medication, old age, thyroid dysfunction, chronic liver, kidney, or cancer.

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