Drivers were warned about the deterioration of traffic on certain sections of roads in the Kyiv region


Forecasters predict gusty wind and ice until the end of the day.

On the night of February 12, the weather in Kyiv, Kyiv Oblast and Ukraine in general will be unfavorable for drivers – strong gusts of wind and ice on the roads.

Forecasters have announced the first danger level, yellow, in the region. But they explained that such weather conditions can lead to the deterioration of traffic on certain sections of roads and streets.

This weather will be slippery, damp and windy throughout the day, February 12.

Therefore, experts urge people to stay away from billboards, power lines, and trees on the street. Avoid being near large trees, especially poplars, and do not park vehicles near them.

If a tree has fallen or branches have broken, you should call the emergency dispatch service of the “Kyivzelenbud” cooperative: (044) 272-40-18.

By the way, due to problems with the safety of pedestrians, which arose due to turning off the street lighting, the Communication Center produced flickers that reflect light in the dark and make a person visible at a distance of up to 130 m. Reflecting elements are distributed in different areas of the city.

Flashers are produced as part of the information and communication campaign “Road Safety”, which is conducted by the Department of Public Communications and the Communication Center.

Natalka MARKIV

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