Experts have revealed simple ways to speed up metabolism


Physical education teacher Belinda Norton, who lives in the city of Gold Coast in Australia, revealed simple ways to speed up metabolism. The athlete has been using them for many years and they really work.

According to Norton, strength training with weights accelerates the metabolism. She advises alternating physical activities, making them more varied. Among other methods, the expert singles out intensive interval training, for example, running or walking.

Also, the body should receive a normal amount of water, which contributes to the acceleration of metabolism. The athlete herself drinks a glass of it before and after meals. When there is enough water, organs and cells function much more efficiently.

Norton said that proper nutrition also plays a big role. In addition, you can take steroid supplements that accelerate metabolic processes. The expert reminded people of the need for prior consultation with a medical specialist in order to avoid problems and exclude risks associated with the presence of certain chronic diseases.

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