Film premieres in February 2022: what to see at the movies


There will be a weekend during which the main musical event of the year will take place – Atlas Weekend. Olga (Darya Petrozhytska), as the organizer of the festival, has busy working days. Therefore, she is not ready to flirt with the German Hans, who rushed to Ukraine for her sake. Myru (Natalya Babenko), a careerist, came to the capital for an interview. The younger brother had to be taken with him, and he got lost. Alisa, a young woman from Odessa, ran away to Kyiv to find her dad at the festival, and four boys from Kryvyi Rih planned a party for these days. The plans of each of the heroes will go awry, but the weekend should still be successful.

Parallel mothers

Two women who are about to give birth are found in the maternity ward of one of the Madrid clinics. 40-year-old Janis (Penelope Cruz) and teenager Ana (Milena Smith) will become single mothers in a few hours. At this special moment in life, there is no one close to them. Friend Yanis decided not to recognize his paternity. Anya’s mother preferred to be anywhere but near her daughter and newborn granddaughter. Both women decided to raise their newborn daughters on their own. Since then, their destinies have been intertwined in a surprising way.

Death on the Nile

Lynette is an heiress to a multimillion-dollar fortune who married her best friend Jacqueline’s fiance. The newlyweds went on a Nile cruise on the Karnak steamer. The deceived girl could not survive the betrayal and decided to spoil the bride and groom’s wedding trip with her presence. Many other detractors of Linnet turned out to be on the steamer, and soon the girl was found murdered. One of the best detectives in the world, Hercule Poirot, who also went on this luxury cruise, takes up the investigation. He found the instrument of the crime and, as he thinks, is closer to the solution, but at this moment new murders begin.

Uncharted: Uncharted

The era of pirates, boardings, fierce sea battles and bony “Jolly Roger” has long passed, but the memory of it is still alive. Among all the filibusters, Captain Francis Drake was especially famous. Not a single victim escaped from his fast and maneuverable ship “Golden Hind”, and the ship itself was filled to the brim with gold and jewels.

I will marry you

Date: 10.02.2022

Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) and Bastian (Maluma) are the most popular star couple in the world. They are very beautiful, talented and in love with each other singer and singer. With their new proposal song skyrocketing, the couple decide to get married right during their concert, which will be broadcast live to the world. But a moment before going on stage, Kat learns that Bastian is cheating on her with her assistant.

She definitely does not want to marry this scoundrel, so in order not to miss a good moment in vain, Kat decides to marry the first fan who catches her eye. The trouble is that Charlie (Owen Wilson), a simple math teacher, ended up at the concert by chance for the company of friends.

Fantasy for adults

In the center of the plot there are six couples who are at different stages of the relationship. Someone is just starting to get to know each other, and someone’s feelings have already faded. But all of them want to diversify their sexual life, having decided on bold experiments. The heroes are sure that they will be able to discover new limits of pleasure, but many challenges, awkward and even curious moments await them on their way. Only frankness, honesty and love will help them overcome all difficulties. What secrets are hidden behind their bedroom doors and will they be able to achieve the desired result?

Lulu and Briggs

In the Indian state of Gujarat, there are two families that have been at war with each other for more than five hundred years. In recent years, their confrontation has turned into a real war with weapons, resulting in several murders. A young beauty, Lila, is the daughter of a powerful and dangerous woman who is the head of the Sanera clan, who is looking for a suitable groom for her. At one of the parties, Leela meets a young man named Ram, and mutual feelings flare up between them. But later it turns out that he belongs to the Rajari clan, which means that there can be no relationship between them. But will young people be able to forget about their feelings and remain loyal to their families?

Adventures on the Moon

While adults only dream of conquering space, children are already traveling among the stars! A young girl and her older brother go on an incredible journey to other worlds. Once in the land hidden in the clouds, they meet the wonderful inhabitants of a magical castle and the beautiful Queen of the Moon. On her behalf, the children go even further – to distant planets and other worlds. The heroes have climbed so far, but how do they get back home? Perhaps only the lunar path, which indicates the direction to the most desired in the life of any person, will show them the way.

A game of shadows

Travis Block, a shadowy government agent who specializes in taking out operatives whose covers have been compromised, uncovers a conspiracy that reaches the highest echelons of government.

A big walk

The plot of the comedy revolves around two completely different families: cultural workers Drahomanov and district businessmen Nalyvaichenko, who will meet on the same lawn for barbecues, which each family considers “their own”.

The image of the head of the Nalyvaichenko family will be embodied on the screen by the artist and showman Yuriy Tkach, a participant in the “Evening Quarter” and the star of the sitcom “Once Upon a Time in Poltava”. His “wife” on the stage will be Iryna Gatun, an actress of the theater of improvisation and one of the participants of the “Women’s Quarter”.

Tanya Drahomanova, a discreet art history teacher, will be played by Olena Kravets, a participant in the “Evening Quarter”. The actress’ partner in the frame will be Andrii Isaenko, a theater actor, star of the films “Zakhar Berkut” and “Cyborgs”.

The audience will also see Pozitiv (Olexii Zavhorodny), a member of the MOZGI band, in the film. Now the musician will embody on the screen the image of an official’s assistant – Gena’s driver, and this will be his first major film role.

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