Fish and mushroom salad recipe


Salad Fish with mushroomsimpresses with its very unusual combination of fried mushrooms and herring fillet. As you know, a festive table is simply unthinkable without the presence of salads on it. At every feast, salads are extremely popular and in high demand. Therefore, prepare this wonderful and colorful salad for your family or any other celebration, which will surprise and delight guests and household members!

Ingredients for preparing Fish and mushroom salad:

  1. Herring fillets (or 2-3 herrings) — 4-6 pieces
  2. Potatoes (medium size) — 4-5 pieces
  3. Carrots – 3-4 pieces
  4. Onion – 3 pieces
  5. 500 grams of fresh mushrooms
  6. Mayonnaise 200 grams


  1. Cutting board
  2. A sharp knife
  3. Grater
  4. Bowl
  5. Pan
  6. Tablespoon
  7. Frying pan
  8. Wooden spatula
  9. Plate
  10. Serving plate (flat or fish-shaped)

Preparation of fish salad with mushrooms.

Step 1: Prepare the herring

First, you need to separate the herring from the bones and skin. To do this, take a herring, make an incision with a knife, starting from the head to the tail, in the center of the abdomen. Take out the caviar or milk and all the body parts. Cut off the head. Now rinse the carcass under cold water. Make an incision on the back, from the head to the tail. Remove the fins and tail. Lift the skin of the herring from top to bottom and carefully delay.

Separate the fillet from the bones. Starting at the head, separate first one side of the herring, then the other. Cut the finished fillet into cubes.

Step 2: Prepare the mushrooms

Thoroughly wash each mushroom separately under running water. The main task in the preparation of mushrooms is to remove all the mud so that the sand does not crack on the teeth.

Now cut the mushrooms

Heat a frying pan over medium heat, add oil, cover with mushrooms and fry, stirring regularly with a wooden spatula. Fry the mushrooms until fully cooked.

Step 3: Prepare other ingredients

Peel and peel carrots and onions, then rinse under running water. Chop the onion into small cubes, and grate the carrot. Heat a frying pan with vegetable oil, add the onion and fry it until transparent, then fry the grated carrot as well. Stir regularly and fry for about 7 minutes on medium heat. Now you can transfer the fried vegetables to a plate, the bottom of which will be lined with a paper towel that will absorb excess oil. Wash the potatoes under water, put them in a saucepan and cover them with water. Put on the fire and cook the potatoes until done, which can be checked with a fork or knife. If the potato slides off easily when pierced, it is ready. Drain the water from the pan and cool, then peel the potatoes and grate them on a coarse grater.

Step 4: Lay the layers of salad

You need to assemble the salad on a flat plate, stacking the prepared ingredients in layers. So, first lay the herring fillet and spread mayonnaise on top. Next, send the mushrooms, and also smear the layer with mayonnaise. The next layer is chopped potatoes and mayonnaise.

After that, put onions and carrots.

Step 5: Serve the fish salad with mushrooms

Draw scales using mayonnaise. Just spread thin lines of mayonnaise over the top of the salad, in the form of scales. Make an eye from an olive. That’s it, the salad can be served to the table!

Bon appetit!


— If you decide to buy a ready-made herring fillet, make sure that it is marinated without spices.

— In the absence of fresh mushrooms, you can use them in frozen form. In this case, you will need 2 packages of mushrooms of 450 grams each. Frozen mushrooms contain much more liquid, so you need more of them.

— When choosing champignons in the store, try to choose elastic, white, strong mushrooms, as we do not need sluggish and darkened ones.

— The layer of onions and carrots should not be smeared with mayonnaise, as they are quite saturated with oil.

— When cleaning herring, it is better to put special paper or newspaper on the cutting board in advance. Yes, it will be easier to wash the board. All waste can also simply be thrown away together with paper

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