Gerard Depardieu was once again ashamed: he called the war “nonsense”, but once again confessed his love for Putin and Russia


Gerard Depardieu, known for his anti-Ukrainian statements, called the war in Ukraine “great nonsense.” He noted that he tries to avoid talking about this topic, but emphasized that Russia’s war crimes have not changed his attitude towards the aggressor country.

Depardieu spoke about the war in Ukraine in a new interview with Augsburger Allgemeine. It talks about his admiration and Russia. In a conversation with a journalist, the actor with a Russian passport called himself “Russian”, despite everything.

Gerard Depardieu called the war in Ukraine “nonsense”

Almost a year has passed since the previous statements of the 74-year-old Depardieu about Ukraine. Then he condemned Putin for “crazy actions”, but also noted that the Russians seem to bear no responsibility for his actions. In March, the actor also asked to stop the war, but called us brotherly nations: “Russia and Ukraine have always been brotherly countries. Stop hostilities and negotiate.”

The other day, Depardieu had a conversation with a French publication, in which he noted that he is still “Russian” and that the war in Ukraine has not affected his love for Russia.

Nothing has changed for me. I am still “Russian”. I love Russian culture. When I love a country, it’s always because of its culture. But I prefer to avoid talking about this topic, no one can say anything intelligent about it! No one!,
said the actor.

He also added that he hates when “politics and acting are mixed up”: “I don’t want to say more about it than: ‘War is a big piece of nonsense.’

It will be recalled that in 2013 Gerard Depardieu received his Russian passport from Putin. He ceremoniously presented it in a residence on the shores of the Black Sea. After that, the French movie star was added to the “black list” of the Ministry of Culture as a cultural figure who threatens the national security of Ukraine.

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