Give the gift of light: a famous band will perform a charity concert at the Sports Palace


In May of this year, one of the most popular modern rock bands of Ukraine SKY is celebrating its 22nd anniversary.

At the end of May, for the first time in history, the famous team will give a big concert in the Kyiv Palace of Sports. The event will be held before the anniversary of Kyiv Day celebration.

The musical project also brought together other well-known musical groups and performers, in particular: ZSU Ensemble, “Pikardiyska Tertsia”, as well as Zlata Ognevich and Arsena Mirzoyan.

The three-hour show will consist of three musical parts. The program will be opened by the well-known Ukrainian DJ Smile with an intro – his own remix of the track “Give Light” from the show of drummers, and the band will play the first part of the concert together with the Ensemble of the Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Concert poster. Photo of event organizers.

At the same time, 40 musicians of the orchestra, 20 artists of the choir and, of course, the band SKY will be present on the stage. The joint performance will include the long-standing popular hits “Best Friend”, “It Can Kill You”, “Give Light”, “Lightweight”, “Struna”, as well as the newer hits “Breakthrough” and “Don’t Back Down and Don’t Give Up”.

The musical program will also feature duet performances of the songs “Don’t Go” with Zlata Ognevich, “Toy Weapon” with Arsen Mirzoyan and the song that became a hit on the Ukrainian TikTok “Idu na Sich”, which was sung in a duet with SANNA, as well as “Exclamation Mark “, which will be played with the vocal formation “Picardian Third”.

The concert will be closed by a rock block with favorite hits, including “Go Go”, “Idealna”, “I return with Victory” and a rock version of the song “Give Light”, which gave the name to the whole show.

The program was not called “Gift light” by chance, because since the beginning of the full-scale war, the band SKY “gives light”, actively helping the Ukrainian army.

The frontman of the band, Oleg Sobchuk, is an ambassador of the “Save a Limb” program, and the funds collected during the “Naprolom” charity tour, which is currently underway in various cities of Ukraine, will be directed to the operations of wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

Also within the framework of the event, the cooperation of the SKY band with the “Return Alive” charity fund, as well as with the “Health of the Ukrainian People” fund, which implements the national program “Save a Limb”, whose mission is to reduce the disability of Ukrainians related to limb injuries, will be presented , received as a result of the war.

The concert will take place on May 26 at 6 p.m. on the stage of the Palace of Sports.

Tickets can be purchased fromand link.

Importantly! In the event of an air alert, all concert guests are directed to the nearest shelter — the Palace of Sport metro station. After the alarm ends, the concert continues. If the concert cannot be continued, the concert is postponed, and all tickets remain valid for the next concert, the date of which will be announced later.

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