GUR knows the name of the occupier who cut off the head of the Ukrainian prisoner – Budanov


Budanov assured that the cases of such crimes are “isolated”.

Ukrainian intelligence established the name of the “Wagnerian” who cut off the head of a Ukrainian prisoner. He told about it head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov in an interview with NV.

“Yes, there is. We know who he is,” Budanov answered the journalist.

The intelligence chief refused to answer where exactly the Russian war criminal is. He assured that the cases of such crimes are “isolated”.

“But going back to the first part of your question: where is he and why am I telling you that I cannot answer you. There is a slightly different statistic that somehow it happened that almost all of those who did similar things, where it was clearly known to us, no longer exist. Therefore, I do not think that this person will be an exception,” added Kyrylo Budanov.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets said that over the past 9 months, his office received several dozen videos of public executions of Ukrainian prisoners of war by Russian soldiers.

“This is cutting off the head, cutting off the genitals, cutting off the ears, nose, limbs, phalanges on the hands. Some [з російських солдатів] successfully verified. And I know that one person suffered punishment. I know that she died during a battle with Ukrainian troops,” Lubinets said in an interview with UP.

In the evening of April 11, a video of the brutal murder of a Ukrainian prisoner began to spread on social networks. It shows how a Russian soldier cuts off the head of a Ukrainian defender, who was still alive, with a knife. The face of the executioner was covered with a mask.

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